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I Would Rather Use A Shower Curtain

I Would Rather Use A Shower Curtain


I Would Rather Use A Shower Curtain


The bathroom, in my opinion, is the most important part of the house. Whenever I visit someone, a friend or a relative, I find an excuse to be able to use their bathroom. The bathroom in the same way as the eye is the window to the soul, is also the window to the soul of the house. Of course, a soul here in context means the condition that the house will be in. This becomes even more important if you are purchasing a house. If you want to see how well a house was planned or how it was maintained by its owners, judge it by the way they built or maintained their bathrooms. This may seem quite harsh, but it is just me and how I assess house quality.  I especially like shower curtains being used in bathrooms as it showcases the owner’s creativity. It is always a plus when I see how artfully a shower curtain is integrated into the bathroom design. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of the shower curtain.


Shower Curtains


Shower curtains are a very popular option for bathtubs with shower heads. Curtains come in two standard configurations, a single EVA ( ethylene vinyl acetate) which is usually hung from a rod or a two-piece system where there are an inner EVA and a decorative fabric outside of the bath area. Other materials have been used, including hemp among other things. I prefer, however, PVC or EVA.


Shower Curtain Pros and Cons




  • Variety- Shower curtains are available in great variations of colors thicknesses and textures. This gives you the flexibility choose to change the curtains whatever season you are in for matching colors.
  • Cost- The initial cost of a shower curtain is way cheaper than a glass enclosure, even including the shower curtain fixtures.
  • Accessibility- for larger families with pets and children a shower curtain can easily be swept over to the side to provide more room and access to the bathtub.
  • Texture and Color- If your bathroom is that kind of bathroom that's just pure white a touch of color and fabric will give it the warm cozy and lived in look
  • Versatility - Size is also something that is not a problem with shower curtains, whether you need an 84 inch long shower curtain or just a shorter one, they would absolutely have it in stock. The good thing also is that you can resize them almost at will to fit into any sized bathroom.




  • Cleaning- Shower curtain requires cleaning almost after every use if you do not want molds and mildew growing on them, some would say it is better off replacing rather than cleaning. Fabric can be washed but repeated washing can cause fades in the long run.
  • Health Concerns- older curtains with older manufacturing dates use PVC before and were a health hazard. Consider non-PVC alternatives as most store offer them/
  • Cold Drafts- curtains are susceptible in the chimney effect, as the warm water fills up the shower area, it rises drawing in the cold air from below.


Wrapping It Up


Shower curtains are always a winner for me in terms of versatility, ease of install and cost. All of which combine to produce a winning combination.


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