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The real value of adventure

The Uncharted background


Uncharted film



"Uncharted" is an American action-adventure film released in 2022, also known as "adventure in secret land". Directed by Ruben Fleischer and starring actors Tom Holland and Mark Warburg, the plot is adapted from the game of the same name. The young protagonist Nathan Drake was originally an ordinary bartender, but after meeting his partner Sullivan, he embarked on a treasure hunt and not only went around the world to investigate relevant clues, He also visited many unknown secret places to find the legendary lost treasure and Nathan's long lost brother.

 uncharted film

The real value of adventure


Since the launch of its first work on the Playstation platform in 2007, "Uncharted" has won the attention and praise of all walks of life with its excellent animation production, charming treasure hunting theme, and excellent narrative ability that can bring players a movie-like game experience. It has long been ranked in the list of popular games. Now it is adapted into the action-adventure film "Uncharted" and has found "spider-man: no return of heroes" Tom Holland "Infinity" is starred by two famous male stars Mark Warburg, which also makes people look forward to the performance of this work.



The Uncharted background


For a long time, in addition to the theme of treasure hunting and exploration, which can see many ancient relics and natural mysteries, the most interesting feature of "Uncharted" is that the protagonist Nathan Drake is not as bright as Laura Crawford in "Tomb Raider". He is an ordinary nobody and has very bad luck. Not only does he often just get through a crisis, but He will also immediately encounter another new challenge. The treasure he finally finds will not be taken away for various reasons, and the only thing he has is a "curiosity" to explore the unknown.


Therefore, the story of the film "Uncharted" begins in an orphanage. The protagonist Nathan sneaks out with his brother Sam in the middle of the night and sneaks into the empty Museum. Looking at the first world map of Magellan's navigation in the display cabinet, they bury in their hearts the desire to explore with his footsteps. Although his brother Sam left the orphanage first and his whereabouts were unknown, Nathan also had a great dream.



Actor role in Uncharted


Uncharted dvds


15 years later, Nathan, 25, played by Tom Holland, works in a bar. Although he is praised by customers for his dazzling mixing skills, it is a trick for him to steal while others are not paying attention. One day, Sullivan, played by Mark Warburg, came to the store and saw through Nathan at a glance. The two met for the first time.


Sullivan in the Uncharted said he was the former exploration partner of the protagonist's brother "Sam". They once searched for the gold treasures collected by Magellan around the world in the 16th century, but one day Sam suddenly disappeared and had no news. So Sullivan found Nathan, the protagonist of his brother, wanted to ask him about his brother's whereabouts and invited him to look for the lost treasure.




The adventure of Uncharted




Since Nathan, the protagonist of "Uncharted", has never seen his brother since he was separated as a child, and the only contact is a ring he left for himself at that time and occasional postcards sent from all over the world, Nathan also agreed to Sullivan's request and embarked on a thrilling adventure with him.



From sneaking into the auction venue where political and business celebrities gather, stealing the key cross key, going to the cathedral in Spain to find important clues about the location of the treasure, to finally arriving at the remote island in the northern waters of the Philippines, Nathan and Sullivan not only have to cooperate to solve many unknown mysteries, but also meet the villains who also covet the treasure, facing the obstruction of the enemy and the crisis of trust between their partners.



The game adaptation of Uncharted



Following the two-game adaptation films of "Monster Hunter: guild legend" in 2020 and "new biochemical crisis" at the end of last year, Sony Pictures did rely on "Uncharted" to recover from the decline of successive failures. In addition to being a treasure hunt adventure film, which has made a lot of efforts in the shaping of the most critical art scenes and the arrangement of action scenes, which brings us a lot of entertainment, there is also no carelessness about whether the characters in the whole film can be loved by the audience.



Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the director of "zombie paradise" and "venom", and starring Tom Holland and Mark Warburg, two male stars with box office appeal, "Uncharted", as a film of character origin, not only explains the character background but also focuses on the interaction between the characters. From the funny comedy atmosphere of the two partners in the process to the conflict due to a large amount of money involved, Uncharted also presents the core theme of the whole story while searching for treasure.




The theme of the plot of Uncharted


Just as the whole film "Uncharted" has repeatedly emphasized the difference between "lost" and "disappeared", this hope for whether the lost items can be found refers not only to the lost gold of Magellan who traveled around the world hundreds of years ago but also to the brother of Nathan who disappeared after leaving the orphanage, as well as the connection between people who trust each other and can lend a helping hand and help each other in times of emergency.




Watching Nathan, Sullivan and supporting actors betray each other constantly in the Uncharted makes the adventure that should have been carried out smoothly full of accidents and twists and turns. In the end, this whole treasure hunt journey is enough to prove that the interesting relationship based on money is fragile after all. Only by working together with the same goals can we overcome many difficulties and tests and find the final hidden treasure.



The meaning of the ending of Uncharted


 uncharted film


Perhaps this is the reason why the "Uncharted series" will set the protagonist Nathan as a little person. Although every time he finds a secret treasure, he will not be able to put it into his pocket for various reasons, Nathan is still unwilling to give up and continue to take risks all over the world and explore the secret places forgotten by people. I think the real attraction to him lies in the "partnership" established during the journey of "Uncharted" and the "sense of achievement" obtained by finally reaching the goal.



This reflects the players' mood when playing the game. We control Nathan to shuttle between islands, forests, historic sites, and castles. Whether it's Parkour rock climbing, investigation and puzzle-solving, or fighting shooting, these scenes, and processes are whether a work can bring us a good experience to the audience, just as Sullivan lost his original gold to save Nathan, There is also the sentence: "greatness begins with smallness." This extraordinary charm is the fundamental reason why the series "Uncharted" will be respected and loved by fans.



Film review conclusion of Uncharted 


On the whole, Uncharted sweeps away the haze of the previous game adaptation films and takes the golden treasure of Magellan's navigation as the core. Although it lacks the bold estimation of histories like a national treasure and the strong sense of unknown mystery like “Tomb Raider”, Uncharted focuses more on the process of the protagonist's adventure than mystery-solving elements, including not only Tom Holland's sincerity The interaction between characters and many thrilling action scenes, I believe that for many viewers who want to see cool films, "Uncharted" is a satisfactory commercial entertainment film.



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