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After "The Wailing" another malicious work full of malice The realism of the pseudo-documentary "The Medium"

The main crisis of the plot of "The Medium" Does "The Medium" have a good rating?

"The Medium" is a 2021 Thai horror thriller film, also known as "Rang Song", directed by Banjong Pisonthanakun, the cast of Narilya Gulmongkolpech and Sawanee Utoomma, the plot tells the story of a small village in northeastern Thailand, Nim inherited the family faith to become a The Medium dedicated to the god Bayan, so that the theme of the camera team followed her around to shoot. But one day Nim found that her niece's "Mink" situation is not quite right, as the state gradually deteriorated, but also let this record into the most horrific page in the history of Thai exorcism.


After "The Wailing" another malicious work full of malice


In 2016, "The Wailing", directed by Korean director Hong-jin Na, set the story in a remote Korean mountain village, breaking the peace of a family living here through a murder case, combining suspense and thriller genres to bring audiences an indelible deep fear, while "The Medium", a collaboration with Thai director Banjong, also does the same, showing the most irreplaceable horror film through Thailand's unknown belief in mediums. Through the unknown beliefs of Thai The Mediums, the most irreplaceable charm of horror films is revealed.

Review of "The Medium"


The realism of the pseudo-documentary "The Medium"


At the beginning of the film, we can tell that "The Medium" is a "pseudo-documentary" that presents the life of a Thai The Medium in a side-splitting and documentary way. The main character "Nim" is a The Medium who has been handed down by her family's daughters for generations, and she was chosen by the "Goddess Bayan" when she became an adult. The mystery is hidden by this traditional folklore, also aroused the curiosity and interest of the film crew for Nim.


In the course of the team's filming, Nim went to attend her brother-in-law's funeral. During the banquet and ceremony of the family and friends' reunion, she noticed that her young niece "Mink" was behaving differently and suspected that it might be a sign that the "Goddess Bayan" would be transferred to her. Therefore, the crew of "The Medium" wanted to document The Medium's legacy and decided to split up, and started to follow Mink's life closely while filming Nim, The Medium, which unexpectedly coincided with the biggest challenge of Nim's career, and recorded many unimaginable images.

Review of "The Medium"

The main crisis of the plot of "The Medium"


Mink is a small employee working in the employment center, although she knows that for generations the family must be inherited by a woman The Medium tradition, as long as the acceptance of the "Goddess Bayan" will follow her for life, she is also very resistant to this mission, like her mother. Therefore, at first, looking at the "The Medium" in the film of Mink's unusual behavior, the audience will naturally with the characters in the film, thinking that this is Mink by the influence of the visions created by Bayan, as well as in this stage of the pain that must be endured, but in fact, is not only so simple.


The great thing about the movie "The Medium" is that the audience cannot predict or guess the direction of the story. Although after Nim saw from the camera crew that Mink seemed to be a different person, sometimes like a child, but sometimes with some violent side images, she was sure that Mink's strange behavior has nothing to do with "Bayan", and began to investigate in the direction of curses and demons, and suspected that it may be Mink's brother's suicide and the remaining spirit of the dead, despite But despite this, the situation could not be improved.

Review of "The Medium"

Does "The Medium" have a good rating?


Although the first half of the movie "The Medium" is mainly in the background of the story and the crisis laid out, as a horror thriller, there are still many creepy scenes. Whether it is through the surveillance screen to learn that the original character of the simple Mink, in fact, often brings all kinds of men to the office to bed, or even sometimes still retains self-awareness, her face has lost the expression of the state of life, the gradual deterioration of this physical and mental state, the "The Medium" the whole film from time to time reveals a sense of impending crisis.


Therefore, under the pseudo-documentary narrative, the director added many funeral rituals, rituals, and exorcism rituals to "The Medium", which not only let Nim, as a medium, know the ultimate truth about Mink's demons, but also cleverly combined two elements of Thai folk beliefs and countryside legends, with the local people's belief that everything has a spirit, and the resentment of the unjust spirits who want to take revenge on their enemies, making the villain of "The Medium" an All the lonely ghosts and spirits of the collection, even with the "Goddess Bayan" magic power of the "The Medium" are difficult to deal with.

Review of "The Medium"