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Plant elimination method (Chlorophytum, aloe)

Adsorption method (activated carbon)

How to get cigarette smell out of furniture?

1、 Plant elimination method (Chlorophytum, aloe)




Chlorophytum, aloe, and tiger tail orchid can absorb a large amount of indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants to eliminate and prevent indoor air pollution; The fungicides secreted by jasmine, clove, honeysuckle, morning glory, and other flowers can kill some bacteria in the air, inhibit the growth of tuberculosis, dysentery pathogens, and typhoid bacteria, and make the indoor air clean and hygienic. Most plants carry out photosynthesis during the day, absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen; Breath at night, absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. On the contrary, some plants, such as cactus, release carbon dioxide during the day and absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night. In this way, cactus in the room at night can supplement oxygen and facilitate sleep.


2、 Adsorption method (activated carbon)


activated carbon

Adsorption is a solid surface phenomenon. It uses porous solid adsorbents to treat gaseous pollutants so that one or several components are adsorbed on the solid surface under the action of molecular gravity or chemical bond force, to achieve the purpose of separation.


The commonly used solid adsorbents include coke and activated carbon, among which activated carbon is the most widely used. Activated carbon can adsorb benzene, toluene, xylene, ethanol, ether, kerosene, gasoline, styrene, vinyl chloride, and other substances.




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