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The wicked girl was also vulnerable, longing to be understood and loved A dress can not change the ugly inside

The so-called evil, is it the sin of the murderer, or the ugliness of the heart? Only by becoming a wicked woman can I be me!

Tilly, a fashion designer who made a name for herself in Paris in the 1950s, returns to her small town in Australia with her sewing machine, determined to take care of her mother, who is suspected to be losing her mind and pretending to be mad with alcohol. She is also determined to find out the real reason why she was deported that year. However, the small town fools who follow her example are like frightened birds in the face of Tilly's return. They love and fear. The women are reborn and fly to the branches because of their skillful hands, while the men are greedy for their beauty. Seeing that everything is gradually changing, can Tilly find her belonging smoothly?


"I'm back, you bastards!"


The story begins with the phrase "I'm back, you bastards!" In the opening scene, like a villainess, the heroine played by Kate Winslet - Tilly, strapped on high heels, a Dior Nwe Look - inspired black suit, tinted with bright red lips, coldly threw out these words, to the identity of the Parisian fashion designer gorgeous return to town.


When Tilly was 10 years old, everyone in town said she had killed a young boy and was forced to leave town because she was accused of being a murderer. The rumors of that year were so bloody that Tilly was full of self-doubt for many years. However, stepping into the town the moment, Tilly's eyes flashing is not hatred of the past, but a very faint and light sadness, perhaps because the suitcase hides a good girl in a ridiculous story of the evil girl.


The wicked girl was also vulnerable, longing to be understood and loved


Behind Tilly's uncommonly elegant outfit, she hides the fragile and uncomfortable little girl inside. From a young age, Tilly and her mother's house were isolated on the hillside outside the town, maliciously ostracized and mocked by the town, she did not understand what she did wrong, but also did not feel resentment towards the town, which is Tilly's goodness.


Therefore, despite her successful career now, in Tilly's eyes, there is still the little girl who was thirsty for acceptance and love back then, she does not want to take revenge on anyone, she just wants to come back to this town, to find out the truth, to reconcile with herself back then, hoping to have a moment to be accepted and liked by the town.


In that remove the fancy dress sense of simplicity, is Tilly's true appearance, so she sincerely treats, regardless of past suspicions, for the year betrayed her best friend design dress, for the town rumors of women making costumes, and women's clothing hobby of male police officers into good friends, and the town man Teddy love, and even and mother break the ice, Tilly's eyes softened up, her heart is still as good as when the little girl.

The Dressmaker movie review

A dress can not change the ugly inside


However, even if Tilly faces malice with goodness and wishes to redeem her good fate, malice is sometimes a cycle, perhaps goodness needs a little sharpness once in a while because a dress can not change anything, a dress can not make a people's inner also become beautiful, become good, become willing to understand others, and even accept themselves.


A dress also has no way to hide the overflowing ugliness inside, so despite the town's gorgeous clothes, a dress still did not change anything, the town's people still in the back of the ostracism Tilly, rumors that she was the murderer, ridiculed her as a cursed woman, Tilly also seems to really believe, but the man who loves her deeply Teddy does not believe.


He firmly said: "You are the best for me, do not say they are cursed" Teddy to prove love, jumped off the barn, however, since then, Tilly never saw Teddy. At Teddy's funeral, Tilly was thrown out, and the phrase "her curse is inherited from her mother" and "she should be put in jail" came from the woman in town wearing Tilly's custom-made clothes, and in that scene, the contrast between the beauty of the clothes and the human heart was extraordinarily Ironic.


Perhaps the real curse on Tilly is actually the prejudice of everyone in this town, killing Teddy is not Tilly, "you killed Teddy, the reason he died is to prove that his love is far more powerful than your hate" Tilly's mother dropped these words and left, but fell ill on the road, but no one in town is willing to lend a helping hand. The malice was still spreading, and at that moment, Tilly's inner goodness was extinguished. When goodness cannot protect people, evil becomes redemption.

The Dressmaker movie review

The so-called evil, is it the sin of the murderer, or the ugliness of the heart?


When Tilly put together the pieces of the truth of that year, the girl had grown into a woman, she knew how a 10-year-old girl had the strength to kill a boy? Even though she knew that everyone in the town had become an accomplice in order to protect themselves, Tilly still did not want revenge, she just wanted the truth.


But in the end, only the town police officer came forward and confessed to the mistakes made that year, he told Tilly that I was finally brave enough to make the right decision this time, but the rest of the town was not concerned, watching his best friend top the crime was taken away, at that moment, Tilly's last place inside the goodness and extinguished. We all hope that goodness can bring salvation, we also aspire to become good people, but sometimes face the reality of malice, often relying on goodness is not enough, some evil is necessary, at that moment, Tilly is determined to revenge.

The Dressmaker movie review


Only by becoming a wicked woman can I be me!


At the end of the story, Tilly put on her fashion coat again and returned to the town as a wicked girl. A fire burned up the prejudices that imprisoned her and destroyed the malice that pervaded the town, and also burned up the women's high-class clothes.


In Tilly, I found that the evil girl was never born like this, but was shaped step by step. For Tilly, only building evil can protect the inner goodness.

The curse of the town, this time, Tilly will not take away, this time, Tilly is proud to lift the body of evil, to do a faithful self of the wicked girl, with a "garbage burned up the best" gorgeous turn to leave town.

 The Dressmaker movie review