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spider man movie review

spider man movie review


spider man:no way home


“Spiderman: no way home ”  is a superhero film released in 2021. Directed by Jon Watts and starring actors Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zebdaya, and Jacob Batalon, the plot tells that after the exposure of Spiderman's true identity, Peter Parker asked Dr. strange for help because he couldn't return to ordinary life, but the two accidentally opened the door of the multi-universe, It made the situation more dangerous and chaotic, forcing Peter to face himself again and find the real meaning of being "Spider-Man".


3 generations of Spiderman



In 2017, “Spiderman: homecoming”, jointly launched by Sony Pictures and marvel, combined with superheroes and campus young adult films, reinterpreted "Spider-Man", a civilian hero rising from the community, and successfully made the new generation actor Tom Holland, who had no representative works, become the hottest male star in Hollywood overnight. Four years later, after Marvel Universe films such as “ Spiderman: far from home”, this new trilogy will come to a temporary end with “Spiderman: no way home ” 


The importance of Spiderman



From the Spiderman starred by Tobey Maguire in 2002, to the extraordinary Spiderman starred by Andrew Garfield in 2012, to the Spiderman starred by Tom Holland now, no matter which version it was, this superhero had accompanied the audience to grow in the past 20 years. Through his Spirit, he helped us through many difficulties, and also brought a certain impact on our lives.



Therefore, after the animated movie "spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse" in 2018 let the spider-men from different universes gather together to fight against the powerful villain, many fans hoped that the two of them, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, could return to the debate. However, it was not like a cartoon that could break through many restrictions. It was difficult to make two retired spiders join the movie again. In addition to the schedule and will of the actors, it was also a great challenge to make this matter reasonable.



Spiderman no way home vs spider-verse




However, although it was just a fantasy at the beginning since the series of movies of Marwell began to pull the setup from the earth to the universe in recent years, “Avengers: Endgame” taking away an infinite gem might create another situation that had a completely different direction to space and time, and the concept of" multiple universes "was added, so Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland "three spidermen in the same room", had been dreaming of becoming real. In the movie “Spiderman: no way home”, his original wishful thinking had become a very likely scene.




Undoubtedly, "spider-man: no way home" was the most mysterious and hard-to-understand movie in the whole series, except for "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Avengers: Endgame". Not only did all the information related to the plot before the movie was kept secret, but most of the regions even did not hold the media audition that allowed the film comments to watch first, and the root cause of all this, was because "spider-man: no way home" chose "multiple universes" as the theme of the story. Many "surprises" would be greatly reduced if they were seen through.



The major crisis of spiders man: no way home



"Spiderman: far from home", which was displayed in 2019. Its opponent, "Mysterio", was a villain who dressed up as a superhero with the help of the projection. In the end, Peter successfully broke through the illusion and killed the mysterious expert with the unmanned aerial vehicle, but later the video recording of the whole process was maliciously edited. As the editor in chief of the angel black, he announced in the news that the spider man was falsely accused as a murderer, and even the identity of Peter Parker under the mask was exposed.


Just like this, in the plot development of the last episode of “Spiderman: no way home”, in which Peter's secret was made public, the audience can see the instant change of tone of Peter's peaceful life in the first part of the film. It not only caused a commotion everywhere but also became chaotic around. It was even arrested by the police on suspicion of murder. As a result, three top students, including girlfriend MJ, best friend Ned, and Peter himself, were declined by MIT because of the scandal.




Villains in Spider-man: no way home


 spider man movie review

Therefore, to save this crisis that can not be solved alone and avoid the victims of cherished people around him, Peter found the magician "Dr. strange" who once joined hands against the anti-bully in "Avengers: Infinity War", hoping that he can use his good mysterious magic to eliminate the memory that “Peter Parker” is “spider-man" in people's mind. However, Peter, the protagonist of spider-man: no way home, is in love for the first time, High school students accompanied by MJ, Ned, and Aunt May naturally can't let their memories of themselves disappear so simply.



As a result, as expected, due to Peter's repeated interruption of Dr. strange's spell, the original dangerous spell went wrong, which not only failed to work but also accidentally brought many supervillains who have a deep hatred of spider-man to the world. Therefore, “ spider-man: no way home ” takes Peter as the main goal to subdue them and return them to the original world as soon as possible after he made a big disaster. Besides bringing a lot of entertainment to the whole film through these characters, the film can make an in-depth discussion on the hero of "spider-man".




The plot turning point of spider-man: no return of Heroes

spider man movie review 


Although Peter's mission was fairly smooth, and he did not spend much effort putting the villains of the previous "spider-man films" such as Dr. Ock, sandman, etc into the dungeon, the interesting part of “spider-man: no way home” lies in Peter's subsequent interaction with them. Not only are they the sparks of laughter from different universes, but also Peter's choice after he accidentally learned that they were destined to lose to Spider-Man in their universe and die in the future.


Because he can't watch several villains in front of him die after being sent back by himself, Peter, the protagonist of “spider-man: no way home”, decides to disobey Dr. strange's order. He hopes that can give himself some time to rely on Stark's scientific and technological power to study how to transfer these irrational villains to return to normal and won't be killed by spiders man. However, although after a hard struggle, Peter successfully defeated magic with mathematics in the "mirror dimension" and bound Dr. strange, the process of treating villains on the other side was not as smooth as he had expected.



Spider-Man: no way home. Is it good?


spider man movie review

To some extent, we can regard spider-man: no return of heroes as the collection of “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: End Game” of the Sony SpiderMan series. Not only the overall pattern is huge, but almost all the roles recognized by Sony's audience have been used to make the whole film “spider-man: no way home” quite diverse and rich. It also brings the audience a complete, clear, and moving story through the major psychological setback and subsequent growth transformation of the characters in difficulties.


Originally, Peter, the protagonist of “spider-man: no way home” thought he had reached a consensus with these villains, but the final plan went wrong because of the cunning psychology of the Green Goblin. Under his instigation, several out-of-control villains not only destroyed the building Peter borrowed to escape, but even Aunt May, Peter's spiritual pillar, was attacked by the green goblin in the chaos and died of serious injuries. This is undoubtedly the cruelest and most heartbreaking moment in “spider-man: no way home”. Just like a hero, does Peter have time to make himself depressed and sad?




The theme of the “spider-man: no way home”


spider man movie review

For example, Peter had thought that he could only be a community hero and freely switch between the two identities of Spiderman and Peter Parker. However, it was not until the “Avengers: Infinity War” or “Spiderman: far from home” that he gradually discovered the cruel truth behind these setbacks. Perhaps this was the fate that Spiderman, as a hero, was forced to accept.


If it was another role, they might have a way to adjust it completely or quickly, but it was not so easy for Peter Parker, the protagonist of “Spiderman: no way home.” In addition to his inexperienced high school student, Peter was upright and kind-hearted. When he saw the injustice, he was willing to stand out and share the pain of others. He was easily softhearted and could not be ruthless to defeat his opponent, and he was determined to bear more risks and difficulties that might be lost.




3 generations of spiderman in the movie



Maybe in this society where the weak were the prey of the strong, even if you could be kind, a good person might not necessarily have a good return. However, under the thought of "everyone should have a second chance" in Peter's heart, "spider-man: no way home", with his courage to recover from the pain of losing his own, further strengthened the core value of "Spider-Man", He should show his will to stick to his belief and original intention no matter what.



Therefore, even if there were many regrets, "spider-man: no way home" was still a quite gentle work. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield came to this universe to create the "three generations in one room", not only to support but also to make fans excited. More importantly, through the identity of the two elders as "Spiderman", they gave much advice and encouragement to Tom Holland, who had suffered a major setback for the first time.



The warmth of the ending of “ spider-man: no way home”


 spider man movie review

Just because they have all experienced the same pain, no matter the common language spoken by Aunt May: "the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility." Andrew Garfield saved MJ from falling from a high altitude, or let Tobey Maguire block the murderous Tom Holland. The plot arrangement of“ spider-man: no way home” not only shows the warmth still existing in the world to the kind-hearted young Peter but also further deepens the whole work, hoping to heal all the wounds caused by failure and care for the theme of broken hearts through this story.



Just like the villains who committed crimes in “spider-man: no way home”, they can have a "second chance" to reform. Peter, who follows the inner goodness and justice, can be understood and recognized by others. The two predecessors also helped the younger generation to avoid their own mistakes, eliminate the irreparable regret in their hearts and obtain the redemption and satisfaction he has longed for for many years, “Spider-Man: no way home” has made an impeccable ending for the stories of three generations of spider man.


Conclusion of a film review of spider-man: no return of Heroes


 spider man movie review

On the whole, although “spider-man: no way home” is not a perfect work. After three generations in the later part of the story, the interactive dialogue between many characters makes the plot seem a little empty and loose, this does not affect the excellent performance of the whole film in rearranging the seemingly unrelated elements according to the audience's feelings and love for spiderman. It not only meets all our expectations and imagination for “ spider-man: no way home” before watching the film but also further strengthens the core values of the spider-man, a hero. I believe it can make the audience very moved.



“Spiderman: no way home ” focuses on Peter's kind nature and the things he should face as a hero. Watching the child grow up from “Spiderman: far from home” to become a single hero, although is sad, is also to gain extraordinary abilities, but Peter is lucky not to lose himself with the help of the people around him,“ Spider-Man: no way home” takes this opportunity to give the audience in the real world a warm and healing hug, which is more valuable and significant in today's society.




STER EGG in spiderman: no way home


There are two ster eggs at the end of“ spider-man: no way home”. The first paragraph is related to venom 2, and the second paragraph is related to Dr. strange 2. It will make fans very excited.




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