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The charming and bright journalist girlfriend The family problems faced by the intelligence agent

The Ugliness of Power Conclusion of the film review

The German spy movie "Das Ende der Wahrheit" is based on real events, directed by Philipp Leinemann, and features the actor Alexander Fehling, who played the role of a German army staff sergeant in the movie "Inglourious Basterds", in the main role and He was praised by Quentin Tarantino as a talented actor. The story describes a German intelligence organization Martin, in the implementation of the mission found a series of suspicious places, coupled with a mysterious terrorist attack, it is clear that the target is aimed at his beloved girlfriend, Martin how to survive in this a high-level collusion scheme?


Alexander Fehling In the "Inglourious Basterds" tavern in that wonderful scene of the American army infiltrating the German army, Alexander Fehling is among them. The young face is surprisingly in "Das Ende der Wahrheit" this time, wearing a wide suit, wearing glasses, playing a rustic airborne supervisor, and the "Inglourious Basterds" German army's character characteristics are completely different. The supervisor played by Alexander, Patrick Klandt, is a key character, a poor victim of the state, who is unfortunately affected by the ripples when Patrick Klandt, together with the protagonist Martin, is trying to stop the conspiracy of certain people in power. He alone that impending death of a one-man show is heartbreakingly impressive.


The charming and bright journalist girlfriend


Antje Traue (Antje Traue) is Martin's beautiful and charming journalist girlfriend, the opening scene of the film is her swimming in the lake in a distant picture, very charming. She flirted with Martin in a cozy cabin by the lake, a very vivid description of the two lovers in love to show the gesture, for the audience to establish a preference for this role at the beginning. The hot girl is not only beautiful and charming, but also a female journalist who asks sharp questions, and also accurately describes the character as having a smart inner self to capture the heart of the German intelligence officer. And the director was so laid out in order to stack the back of her grief after the terrorist attack by Martin.

Das Ende der Wahrheit movie review

The family problems faced by the intelligence agent


German intelligence agent Martin has the amazing language ability to speak Arabic fluently, so he is tasked with the national task of pretending to be a German interpreter but in essence a spy. And with the important task of his country, he was unable to maintain a normal family structure. The incident of Martin missing his daughter's birthday party despite how much he rushed showed that Martin's work made him miss many important times for his family. And Martin's ex-wife decided to divorce him because she was too afraid that one day she would suddenly see her husband's news on TV. She thought that this might make this fear go away. But she didn't realize that Martin was still the father of her daughter and that the bond between them was impossible to break apart.

Das Ende der Wahrheit movie review

The Ugliness of Power


This movie shows that there are many people at the top who can deceive in cold blood and how many other people's lives they have to sacrifice to maximize their personal interests. They can fake a terrorist attack or even accuse anyone of anything that is not true. Like the insinuation that when the U.S. government attacked the Hazan regime, did it fake a litany of evidence accusing Hazan of possessing nuclear weapons? The story of Germany is similar when doing something under such an honorable government unit, but one day found out that the whole unit is trying to deceive the world, how to see the world, and how to choose and disconnect from this connection?

Das Ende der Wahrheit movie review

Conclusion of the film review


Based on real events of the film war film rarely miss the case, after all, the film industry now supports the inclusion of grand and intense war scenes that can already meet a large part of the popcorn audience. But intelligence spy films are not, subject to many factors, to find an entry point in the event, weaving a clear plotline is never easy, "Das Ende der Wahrheit" is a good adaptation of the film, in the treacherous scheme duel to join the not abrupt emotional line, a good balance to the plot and commercial points. It's worth watching.

Das Ende der Wahrheit movie review