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gray waffle shower curtain

Who doesn’t seem to be happy about the progress of his or

her family or caring about their compatibility when taking

their shower?


gray waffle weave shower curtain


Make sure that your family is well taken care of by improving the condition of your shower and bathtub area.


It can only be achieved by providing privacy, preventing water from flooding and spraying water beyond the shower room or bathtub.


It takes quite an effort to achieve this, finding the best shower curtain is never easy.


Most of the time you tend to look for nice places to buy a waterproof, long-lasting and high-quality curtain shower, but

you get disappointed because even the one you have is not of the design you have ever dreamt of.


That’s why I have an alternative information for the clients about Gray waffle Weave Shower curtain.



gray waffle shower curtain waterproof


How does it look like?


  • The material is made of polyester containing 100% high quality of the eco- polyester fabric.


  • It’s waterproof, resistant of odors, molds, mildews and can serve you for a long term without getting weary.


  • It’s antimicrobial and therefore safe even if touched by a baby or an adult.


  • The curtain is made of a beautiful style and therefore can be used alone without any liner or plastic accessories.


  • It’s a machine washable because of its material, extra-long size which also fits bathroom shower and bathtub.


  • It has a well-designed heavy hem that is meant to keep them hanging, white flexible and durable plastic hooks in'shape, they are stain resistant and very easy to install.


What to consider before buying Shower Curtains.


gray waffle shower curtain hook


You will have many options in buying curtains since you need a long-lasting and high-quality curtain.


In the market, you should select the liner first.


The liner.


1. Decide on the size of the liner after measuring your shower room to know the size of the liner

and the curtain you will require. 


  • The appearance of the shower curtain must look fit in appearance to prevent water from flooding.


2.Shower curtain liner materials.


These liners are in varieties, that’s plastic, vinyl, and fabric.


Liners are made up of vinyl and plastics. You can upgrade your bathroom by finding washable shower curtain liner.


You don’t need to replace the liner every time whenever it gets molds, the practice will be not only expensive but also wasteful.


You need to unclip the fabric liner from the ring and deep inside the water with other sheets shake and hang to dry and then return it.


Getting such a curtain is not difficult, just mention the word ray waffle weave’ and you will get the best shower curtain you want.


3. Do you want a magnet or suction cups?


  • There are liners with magnets that support down the shower curtain to help it hold tight.


  • The other of suction cups at the bottom which enables it to stick to your tub and not blow away.




You need a liner with grommets to be reinforced at the top of the curtain, if your liner belongs to children bathroom, I would recommend grommets for you to avoid tear and wear challenge.


5.Antibacterial liner.


Buy a curtain shower with a liner that is resisting bacteria.


This is very important to you if you stay in a cold environment or if you have a poor ventilation for your bathroom.


6.Match with your curtain


There are different colors of liners depending on the color of your curtain, I would recommend that you choose the

color that matches your curtain.


The safe shower curtain liners.


These are the types of safe shower curtain liners: organic hemp a cotton, PEVA, EVA, polyester, and Nylon.


PEVA/EVA-Manufacturers make shower curtains out of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate; they are safe vinyl, and they are affordable and serve as liners as well.


If the label doesn’t read PEVA or EVA then assume the shower curtain is made from PVC.


Polyester-this material is not environmentally friendly but light in weight, waterproof and machine washable.


If you use cotton or hemp curtain, nylon liner, it will be an affordable way of improving the quality of the curtain you

want to purchase.


Organic Cotton and Hemp-Materials are the best choices because it will help you know if they are environmentally friendly.


This is a natural water-repelling material, and they are environmentally friendly.


How to choose a shower curtain?


gray waffle shower curtain in life

  • Decide on the size of the curtain you want to buy measuring, depending on how you want your shower

curtain to look.


  • There are vinyl and cotton shower curtain, cotton and hemp shower curtains are machine washable with mostly dry cleaning only.


  • They are soft and easy to be maintained but they require liners.
  • Vinyl shower curtains prevent moisture and not a must to use liners.
  • Pick the threshold you want, many are of different colors and decorations.
  • Coordinate the appearance of your bathroom and choose the color matching it, for example, If you have a bathroom with the aluminum theme, try to choose the gray color.


Is it waterproof or water resistant?


  • The two terms have different meanings, so be careful whenever you want to buy the product.


  • Water resistant curtain will repel but will still be wet when exposed to water while waterproof curtain will still remain dry, that’s why you need to be careful about the type of curtain you buy.


  • If your bathroom is always exposed to humidity and soap scums then you need to prefer waterproof shower curtain.



How to maintain your shower curtain?


gray waffle shower curtain details


It’s well understood that all the shower curtains are washable but for you to be on the safer side, you need to pay attention to my



  • Since most of the bar soaps cause scums,you’re advised to use a different detergent instead.


  • Make it a routine of spraying the shower curtain with a solution of half distilled water and lemon to clear the bad smell.


  • Once in a while, spray the bottom of the curtain using vinegar and scrub with the brush.



How you should clean shower curtain.


gray waffle shower curtain waterproof


Remove the rings and then deep the curtain water with towels which will provide extra scrubbing of the liner.


  • Add the regular amount of detergent and one cup of the baking soda.


  • Wash in warm water thoroughly and rinse with vinegar.


I wish you well as you plan to purchase Waffle Weave Shower curtain.



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