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It would have been better as a drama

The main points of interest for the cast of "Dark Night Tusks”

It would have been better as a drama

 “Dark Night Tusks” movie review

Although the quality always fluctuates, I've always enjoyed Netflix's original movies, and with less pressure on the creators to sell at the box office, they've always been able to produce many movies with interesting themes. This time, "Dark Night Tusks" is no exception, bringing audiences a special experience with a dark world hidden in the night of Los Angeles.


The setting of "Dark Night Tusks


“Dark Night Tusks" is set in a world where vampires exist. Hundreds of years ago, after a vicious fight in which both humans and vampires were killed and injured, a truce was reached in which vampires had to conceal their identities, not suck human blood, and not enter restricted areas without permission.

But now a radical vampire, Witte, has crossed the line by not only taking human blood, but also breaking into the "Boyle Heights" area in Los Angeles, a symbol of the truce, and taking the girlfriend of "Jay", the human in charge of maintaining order between the two sides, breaking the agreement that has been in place for years. The two sides do not commit to each other's agreement and balance, but also let the two sides become tense relations, the conflict is imminent.


The Lost Lamb of the Dark Night Tusks movie

 “Dark Night Tusks” movie review

The protagonist of "Dark Night Tusks", Benny, is a college student who loves music and anime. He doesn't take his studies seriously at school and not only doesn't have many friends but also worries about his grandmother who raised him. One night, as a "vampire hunter" brother Jay must go out on a mission because the headquarters was attacked, Benny took over his original job as a personal chauffeur and drove two sexy and beautiful women out to run the party, but the seemingly easy and simple job, but in the process, he made unexpected mistakes.

But as the night grows darker and darker, "Dark Tusk" is a night of intoxication, but after Benny accidentally sees their cell phone messages and a large amount of blood-stained dollars in their luggage, and discovers an unexpected side of the two women, he finds himself in a dangerous world that he never knew existed.


The main points of interest for the cast of "Dark Night Tusks

 “Dark Night Tusks” movie review

“The Dark Night Tusks" reminds me of Keanu Reeves' "Knock on the door", where the two vampires, Brere and Royyi, played by Debbie Ryan and Lucy Frye, are under witte's command. As Vic is fed up with the life of no real power and obeying others' orders, he plots a rebellion and assigns Brere and Royyi to the five bosses in charge of the city's base in Los Angeles to eradicate them in one night, although as vampires they can rely on surprise attacks to crush the enemy one by one, the human Benny, who drives them around as his driver, is out of luck.

Directed by "Found You" director Adam Landau, although not as chilling as the previous work based on real events, instead of his brother's contemporary driver to drive two vampires, "Dark Night Tusks" the interesting part of the film, is that Benny, a small sheep who has wandered into the forest with these two female vampires collide out of the sparks. Whether it's being teased by the strong Royyi or feeling the warmth of her humanity as a vampire in the understanding of Brere, it makes Benny gradually changes his opinion of them in the process.

The development of the story in the ending of "Dark Night Tusks

Even though he was shocked by the existence of vampires in the world, "Dark Night Tusks" chooses two beautiful girls to be Benny's guides, which not only instantly makes people feel extremely good about him, but as a marginal virgin who lacks friends, Benny also decides to follow them despite the possible danger to his life in his own flesh and blood because he has a chance to be recognized and needed in his usual dull life. The first time I saw them, I decided to follow them, despite the risk to my own life.

“Dark Night Tusks” movie review

From driving them around (killing people), escaping from humans and enemies, temporarily returning home to escape from the wind to the final ending where they come to the base of the villain Vic to rescue their brother who was taken away, a seemingly hopeless, but actually cleverly counter-killing fierce collision, "Dark Night Tusks" is based on the emotions generated by the gradual acquaintance of Benny and Brere in the process, giving the whole story can make The "Dark Night Tusks" are based on the emotions generated by the acquaintance of Benny and Brere in the process, giving the whole story the ability to let people overlook the shortcomings and enjoy the fun experience in it.


Conclusion of "Dark Night Tusks" Review


I like the atmosphere created by "Dark Night Tusks". In addition to the many neon colors in the night, the worldview of human and vampire coexistence in the modern city is also quite interesting. With several charming main and supporting characters, "Dark Night Tusks" is still a fascinating work.

Perhaps a mini-series of about 6-8 episodes to present the story of "Dark Night Tusks", the complete world view to shaping out would be a better choice, only a movie is really a waste of pity.