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A unique life journey Is "The Sky is Pink" a good movie?

The family element of “The Sky is Pink" movie The theme of the plot of "The Sky is Pink”

“The Sky is Pink" is a Netflix online Indian biographical comedy film, also known as "My Pink Life", directed by director Shonali Bose, starring actors Zaira Wasim, Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, adapted from the true story of Aisha Chaudhary (Aisha Chaudhary), the story of Edie and her husband Nealon is the envy of everyone's couple Aisha is born with an autoimmune disease, and although a bone marrow transplant saves her life, years later she suffers from pulmonary fibrosis, which causes her lung function to decline and her breathing to become difficult. With only a few years left to live, Aisha Chaudhary, at the age of 18, decided to spend them with her beloved family.


A unique life journey


Although the question of how to face death and the parting of family and friends around her has always been a dilemma that never has a correct answer, there is no denying that it is a challenge that everyone is bound to encounter in their lifetime. Therefore, this dilemma has naturally become the theme of many films, “I Still Believe”,”Sweet Lullaby” and “Kodachrome”, have dealt in different ways with the characters’ inner struggles and healing of their wounds. In this case, what is so special about "Pink Sky"? Will it bring different feelings to the audience? It is also something that we are curious about when watching the movie.

The Sky is Pink movie review

Is "The Sky is Pink" a good movie?


Personally, the most admirable thing about "Pink Sky" is that although it comes from Bollywood, which is famous for its popular vulgarity, the movie itself is not clichéd, but adapted from the background of real people's stories, using the parents' unreserved love for their children and the irreplaceable deep emotions between family members, fusing the usual style of Indian films that are good at using music and montage, to tell a lively and lively story. The story is a lively and touching one, with a deep depiction of the characters' state of mind and emotional ups and downs.

Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID) is a rare genetic disease in which a newborn baby is born with an innate lack of immune function and is susceptible to bacterial or viral infections, and usually cannot survive for more than a year without living in a sterile chamber and receiving treatment. The story of "Pink Sky" focuses on Aisha, who suffers from this disease because of her parents' genetic defect. Through her cute voice as both the protagonist and the narrator, she tells the story from the perspective of her daughter and sister, and tells the story of the family's struggle against the disease with their best efforts over the past 20 years, adding many lights and funny moments to the whole film, which seems to be a bit heavy.


The subject matter and story of "The Sky is Pink" is not like "The Fault in Our Stars," "Five Feet Apart" or "Departures" where the characters are terminally ill and only focus on the final moments of the protagonist's life after she learns that she will not survive, but rather presents a more complete picture of how the entire family is affected by Aisha's illness after her mother, Edith, learns she is pregnant, and the changes that occur in their otherwise happy and stable lives. “The sky is pink", a film based on a true story, brings a broader theme and a perspective that can be examined.


Watching them go to London for treatment, raise money on a radio program, and undergo a bone marrow stem cell transplant, to Aisha's successful survival and growth, the various challenges the family went through, we can see through the usual playful and sparkling interactions between Edie and her husband Nealon in Pink Sky, from the pain of losing their eldest daughter to considering whether to give birth to Aisha and facing the difficulties of caring for her together. In the film, we can see the inevitable quarrels and conflicts between the couple who suspect that their son is their own, separated from each other, as well as the touching feelings of mutual support and companionship in difficult situations.

The Sky is Pink movie review

The family element of “The Sky is Pink" movie


Perhaps it is precisely this that the family element of the film, which is inspired by "Dangal Wrestling Competition" and "Secret Superstar Star" Zaira Wasim as Aisha, the child who carries the love and expectations of everyone, was able to grow up in a caring environment and establish a deep emotional connection with her family, even at a relatively rebellious teenage age, but because of these experiences growing up and becoming understanding and independent. However, because they had worked through a difficult time together, the untreatable pulomonary sequelae came back to haunt these warm family years later, and it is the frustration of The Sky is Pink that is still irreparable after trying so hard that makes it feel so powerless.


I love the depiction of the family's spiritual stress in "The Sky is Pink," whether it's the mother, Edith, who wants to give Aisha the best life possible in her final hours, taking her on scuba diving trips and experiencing the joy of spending time with her boys, but at the same time becoming anxious and losing the focus of her original life after learning that she is terminally ill because she used to take care of her daughter wholeheartedly, or the couple learning that they are about to lose Aisha and picking up their oldest daughter again Tanya's past trauma of passing away due to her illness, the whole movie adds the sadness and helplessness of being forced to say goodbye to her family in a relaxed and warm story rhythm, fully demonstrating that "Pink Sky" has not lost the drama of the movie while restoring the real story.

 The Sky is Pink movie review

The theme of the plot of "The Sky is Pink”


Although "The Sky is Pink" cleverly uses many traditional Indian values and culture to present a world where not everything is as it should be, it also shows us through Aisha Chaudhary's story that sometimes when ideals and reality clash it is not just a matter of choosing one side or the other, but both can actually coexist and strike a balance. Just as when my brother was teased by his classmates for painting the sky pink, my mother, Edith, told him, "You can paint whatever color you want, everyone has a piece of the sky above them, follow your own thoughts and don't change the color of your sky because of others." Isn't the direction of each person's life ultimately determined by himself?


If people will eventually die, what is the most important thing in this period of time? Pink Sky" answers this question with "enjoying the good times of life" and "the changes you can bring to the world". The theme of "The Sky Is Pink" echoes the English title "The Sky Is Pink", a pink sky exclusive to each person, making the whole story profoundly moving and enlightening.

The Sky is Pink movie review