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People are always confused about the difference between different shower curtains like PVC shower curtains, polyester shower curtains, etc.

 materials of shower curtains


Many people have misunderstandings about the shower curtains. Starting from the purest place, the shower curtain is matched with the bathtub, and how should the shower curtain be placed? They put on the edge of the bath for the sake of beauty. This way does not achieve the effect. The tip of the shower curtain should be placed in the bathtub, as shown in the following figure, to the result of water separation. So how do you choose the shower curtain? In the spirit of sharing, S.lattye has collected a series of shower curtain purchase techniques, starting from the material, ensuring the quality while not falling, what are you waiting?

What kind of material is right for the shower curtains?

In addition to traditional plastics and cloths, the new types of materials for shower curtains include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), silk, fabric, polyester, etc. And depending on the style of the bathroom, there are different designs and styles. So what kind of material shower curtain depends on your choice and the place you use.


PVC shower curtains


PVC shower curtains: Strength but full of cold. 

Many people prefer PVC shower curtains cause of the strength. You just need to put the holes into the curtain rod, and everything is done. But, have you considered one thing? When your friends come to your home, they might don't like such material. People fell cold by feeling such kind of shower curtain.

If you often move your home and care about the prices and the practicability. This kind of shower curtain could be your best choice.

Silk shower curtains: Expensive but hard to preserve.


silk shower curtains


Many people are sending the requests all the time: Do you think that the price is worth or not? There is an old saying: You get what you pay. But things change in silk shower curtains. Although you pay a very high price for them, you have to stand those disadvantages:  Not waterproof, easy to be torn, etc.


The advantages of silk are also indisputable. The sleek texture, high-end feel, and full color make the bathroom full of retro atmosphere.

If you don't care about the price, the silk shower curtain is your best choice.

Fabric shower curtains: You can use them as curtain liner or shower curtains.

gray waffle shower curtain

People often argue about the in-and-out. The fabric shower curtain is not as smooth. But the subtle color and elegant design make the fabric shower curtain have many uses.

fabric shower curtains

You can use them as curtain liner or shower curtains. The fabric shower curtain is not only a reasonable price but also strength enough. If your bath's color is not that shining, you can use them as well. And trust me, I have arranged a suitable product for you.

Polyester shower curtains: They play a significant role in different parts.

 Polyester shower curtains


Polyester fabric plays a significant role in both life and industry. Polyester fabric shower curtain has the following characteristics:

Polyester shower curtains


High strength, impact strength is four times higher than nylon and 20 times higher than viscose fiber. Amazing? This kind of shower curtain is such strength that you don't need to switch often.


Enough elasticity: The wrinkle resistance is superior to other fibers, that is, the fabric is not wrinkled, and the dimensional stability is excellent.


Corrosion resistance: It is resistant to bleaches, oxidants, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids. Resistant to dilute alkali, not afraid of mildew, but hot alkali can decompose it.


There are several principles for selecting shower curtain materials:


tips of choosing shower curtains


  1. Understand the material and classification of the shower curtain, and recognize the characteristics of the shower curtain material.
  2. Waterproof is very important. A bathroom is a damp place, so the waterproof performance of the shower curtain requires special attention.
  3. The choice of the color pattern of the shower curtain, when choosing the color style of the shower curtain, it is best to match the overall style of the bathroom.


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