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The sequel to the best of the best The appeal of the “Venom” movie

“Venom ”character interactions “vemom:let there be carnage:let there be carnage” movie review conclusion

"Venom:let there be carnage" is an American superhero movie released in 2021, also known as "Venom 2: Blood Spider" / "Venom: Let There Be Carnage", directed by Andy Serkis, starring actors Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson, and Naomie Harris, the plot tells the story of Eddie and the alien symbiote "Venom "After the combination, the two of them become roommates, to start an alternative life together. Usually, Venom will help Eddie make breakfast, but also will suppress the desire to eat people with his grocery shopping, but with the emergence of another symbiote "slaughter", the two must also work together again to fight this will only bring a threat to their peaceful life of blood spiders.


The sequel to the best of the best


In 2018, Sony Pictures, which has the rights to remake Spider-Man and related characters, chose Venom, a highly popular villain in the comics, as the beginning of the "Sony Spider-Man Universe", hoping to expand a series like "The Suicide Squad", which revolves around atypical heroes, but ultimately received mixed reviews because the story lacked originality. Received mixed reviews. So now, three years after the sequel, Venom 2 is not only a continuation of the story but also a mission to reverse the series' decline.

 Venom:let there be carnage moive reivew:

The appeal of the Venom movie


Personally, the most appealing part of Venom is the choice of venom, a slimy, toothy villain, as the main character. Through his seemingly vicious and brutal appearance, he reveals a different side when he meets Eddie, a journalist played by Tom Hardy, reversing the general audience's inner belief that this alien "symbiote "is very disgusting, maybe like "Alien" or "Life" to cause irreparable harm to the existing impression of people.


So although "Venom" can not be called a success, in the Eddie and Venom two losers meet out of the spark, but also let the sequel "Venom 2" through the failure of the previous lessons learned to change the direction of the story. Instead of trying to tell a story with a complete cause and effect by applying a formula, the focus is more on the entertainment side, with Venom's endearing personality, adding comedic elements that many viewers might be interested in to try to save the future of the series in a seemingly dark and violent movie.

 Venom:let there be carnage moive reivew:

Venom character interactions


We see many interesting interactions between Eddie and Venom in the film, from forbidding him to continue eating people, going to buy chocolates from Mrs. Chan who owns a grocery store, arguing over conflicting opinions, and finally, the two losers who need each other to work together to fight the new villain Blood Spider who has risen to seek revenge on them. Under the base of "romantic comedy", Venom's uncontrollable, will constantly provide advice to Eddie and express the views of the cacophony of noise, giving the whole film a rather unique look.

"Venom 2" completely shows Eddie and Venom as two people in the fight after the scolding more and more sweet emotional relationship, although the house made a mess, you help me make breakfast, I will help you tidy up. You call me a fool, I call you a loser, quarrel to the bar to drink a drunk, the surface seems to be from now on incompatible, but in the end also found himself can never leave his side, try to tolerate each other's defects, discover each other's advantages, as long as you can be with you, even if only eat chocolate is okay.

Is Venom 2 rated well?


Perhaps on the surface, "Venom 2" is more brainless and idiotic than the negative reviews of "Venom", as Eddie and Venom no longer need to figure out how to face the conspiracy of the biotech company and the crisis of being hunted by the police, as long as the two of them work together to catch the son they accidentally gave birth to, then it's all over. The choice of using the chemistry of the two to make the general audience happy is very smart.


There is no doubt that Venom 2 is not a very nutritious movie, like a dish with a lot of junk food as the base, and it does not have the unique sauce-like "BrightBurn" and "The Suicide Squad" that can make people scream for more, but if we take a step back and think about it, the absurd and humorous atmosphere of Venom 2 is at least not as burdensome as fried food. The movie is a great way to get out of the theater after the movie is over, with Venom's cute face in your head.

Venom 2 characters and subsequent developments


So although the subtitle of the film is "Let the carnage happen," vemom:let there be carnage:let there be carnageis not about the main character Eddie and Venom, but about the other characters, whether they are the serial killer played by Woody Harrelson, the villain Massacre, Screech with his mutant powers, or Eddie's I think if you're looking forward to seeing "Carnage" in "Venom 2", or more developmental viewers may feel sorry for the place.


But even so, Sony Pictures wanted to create more room for the development of its "Spider-Man" copyrighted characters such as "Morbius", "Spider-Man: No Way Home" and "Kraven the Hunter", "vemom:let there be carnage:let there be carnage" not only clearly shows the charm of the characters themselves, but also at the end of the movie The end of the film's egg connects Venom with other characters and even the universe, showing Sony's ambition to first take Venom, which has a place in the hearts of audiences, as a starting point and to make a big splash later on.

 Venom:let there be carnage moive reivew:

“vemom:let there be carnage:let there be carnage” movie review conclusion


On the whole, although Venom 2 is relatively conservative and mediocre, without much progress in substance, we can also consider it as a sequel to its predecessor Venom, and believe that as long as the audience likes the interaction between Eddie and Venom, with the right expectations, they will not give Venom 2 a chance to be a "symbiotic" film. The "symbiote" as a friendship or love movie to shoot the work too negative evaluation. As for Woody Harrelson needless to say, although it can be felt that he seems to have tried to create a "Silence of the Lambs" Hannibal feeling for the character, Venom and Eddie two people do not have the space he can intervene.

 Venom:let there be carnage moive reivew:

Venom 2 end credits egg


As for the end credits of Venom 2, Tom and Venom went to an island resort to enjoy a relaxing time after solving the problem of the blood spider, and Venom was asked by Eddie to show him the knowledge he had gained through his distant interstellar travels.

Exactly what happens is that Venom can travel to another universe? Or is it because "Spider-Man: No Way Home" in which Peter Parker asks Dr. Strange to help him erase people's memories of Spider-Man, only to accidentally create a "multiverse" as a result? Although this post-credits egg implies that Venom and Spider-Man will meet in the future, what form will it take? Is Venom to join the "Marvel Universe"? Or is the "Marvel Universe" of Spider-Man mistakenly "Sony Spider-Man Universe"? This will have to wait for other works to be revealed to be sure.