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Interesting subject matter but lack of momentum How is the review of "Sink Hole" good?

The flaw that makes "Sink Hole" uninteresting Themes in the plot of "Sink Hole”

“Sink Hole” is a 2021 South Korean disaster comedy film, directed by Ji-hun Kim and starring Seung-won Cha, Lee Kwang Soo, Sung-Kyun Kim, and Kim Hye Jun. The story tells that Dong-Won, who bought a new house, finally realizes his dream of bringing his wife and children to Seoul to live, but just as he invites his colleagues to celebrate in his new home, the whole building suddenly falls into a super-large sinkhole. In this way, the jin agent of Dong Won’s company, the intern Eun Ju and the resident Wanshou were trapped in the crypt 500 meters underground, and could only try to save their precious lives while waiting for rescue.


Interesting subject matter but lack of momentum


In 2019, South Korea released its first disaster comedy "Exit ", which overturned our past impression that disaster movies are always serious and serious, and received overwhelmingly positive reviews from viewers with an excellent balance of exciting action scenes and fun laughs, and this time “Sink Hole” follows a similar formula pattern, with two actors, Seung-Won Cha and Lee Kwang Soo, in supporting roles, and with the cooperation of multiple elements, it also tries to bring the audience a The story of "The Earth Has Fallen" is set in the background of the movie.

Background of the story of “Sink Hole”


The main character of “Sink Hole" is Dong-Won, played by Sung-Kyun Kim. As the head of a family, he has worked hard for years to be promoted from a small employee to the head of the company, he has also raised the first installment to buy his dream house in Seoul, and he thought his future would be smooth and stress-free. Not only did he get into trouble with the tenant next door, Wanshou, as soon as he arrived, but he also discovered that the floor was uneven and the windows were difficult to open because his son was playing marbles.

Although he bought a new house in Seoul, the fact that it is located in Changshou-dong, which was once an industrial area, also makes the main character of "Sink Hole", Dong-Won, ridiculed by his colleagues who are usually close to him, so to prove his ability, Dong-Won decides to hold a housewarming party and invite them to his house. The movie is a great success because of the interaction between the actors and actresses.

 Sink Hole movie review

How is the review of "Sink Hole" good?


I like the choreographer of "Sink Hole" in the early part of the story for the choreography and mastery of comedy laughs, from Lee Kwang Soo played by Kim Agent in the company to see the protagonist Dong Won is searching for the uneven floor of the new house on the Internet, to several colleagues came to the home to find the cracked floor, and met the resident Wanshou played by Sheng-won Cha, feeling the tit-for-tat confrontation between him and Dong-Won, all through the protagonist Dong Won's reaction of not wanting to lose face in front of the younger generations to create a lot of jokes for "Sinkhole".


In addition to the contrasted charm of Sheng-won Cha, who is a gym instructor, photo studio owner, and chauffeur, and the quirky charm of Lee Kwang Soo, the theme of "Sink Hole" is that the protagonist has worked hard for 11 years and finally bought his own home in Seoul, only to have the whole building fall into a 500 meter deep underground sinkhole due to heavy rain. The theme is the choice of the subject matter and the background, and the audience's curiosity about the subsequent development of the story.

Sink Hole movie review

The flaw that makes "Sink Hole" uninteresting


However, it is a pity that the light-hearted and humorous atmosphere in the front of "Sink Hole" becomes uninteresting and weak after the disaster in the middle. In a disaster movie, although the characters have the goal of escaping from the pit after falling into the "sinkhole", perhaps due to the limitations of the subject matter itself, they lack a clear direction to try to climb up and receive no cell phone signal and just keep repeating the bridge of having fun in the face of the problems that come one after another. The "Sink Hole" middle is stagnant in pace and tends to be passive in an awkward situation.


If you want to describe or compare it with the excellent performance of "Exit ", "Sink Hole" is like facing the attack of poisonous gas, the characters did not rush to the high place to escape, but choose to hide in a closed room, busy plugging the holes that may leak inside, and pray that the poisonous gas outside can be dissipated sooner, except for finding the lost children, there is no process for them to try to break through the deadlock and make efforts, also The whole movie "Sink Hole" is much less rich and exciting.

Sink Hole movie review

Themes in the plot of "Sink Hole”


But "Sink Hole" is not so worthless, just like "Exit " with a loser who kept hitting the wall in his job search, because of the disaster, he used his rock climbing talent to lead his favorite club girl to escape from the predicament, bringing out the core of the whole film that everyone must have their value, and this time "Earthquake" shifts the focus to "buying a house" which can also trigger the audience's empathy. "Through the protagonist's 11 years of saving money, he was able to buy a house with a loan, but in less than two weeks, the whole apartment fell into a 500-meter hole, presenting the people's sorrow and misery in a comical way.


The light from the bottom of the pit looking towards the entrance of the cave is like our unreachable dream. Therefore, with the lack of hope in the desperate situation and the fact that the fire department on the ground, representing the government unit, is doing almost nothing, the second half of "Sink Hole", with two fathers played by Sheng-won Cha and Sung-Kyun Kim, focuses on the sacrifice of the characters for their families and the parents' sacrifice for their safety to rescue their children, which also highlights the fact that the whole production of "Sink Hole" is about "buying a house" and "having a family". "The story focuses on the sacrifice and sacrifice of the characters for their families, as well as the parents' sacrifice for their safety to rescue their children.

Sink Hole movie review