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The eggs are the point of the movie

Has "The Matrix Resurrections 3" become good-looking?

"The Matrix Resurrections"review"The Matrix Resurrections" is a sci-fi action movie released in 2021, also known as The Matrix 4, directed by Lana Wachowski and starring actors Keanu Reeves, Jessica Henwick and Carrie-Ann Moss. The plot follows Neo, a reborn savior, who forgets what happened earlier and returns to his mundane identity after the final battle 60 years. However with the meeting of the love of Trinity, Neo also is led by the hacker rabbit and young Morpheus return to the matrix. Facing the hallucinations to find the truth behind, he once again for his beloved people to fight.

The eggs are the point of the movie

The 1999 science fiction film "The Matrix Resurrections" was directed by the Wachowski sisters. Through the development of modern information technology advance, it makes an estimate of the world in which people currently live. It not only the subject matter and world view are fascinating to the audience, but also creates such as slow-motion dodging bullets and many other classic action scenes that still impress people today. Therefore, in 2003 "The Matrix 3" made the perfect end, now the sequel is release after 18 years. What performance "The Matrix Resurrections" will eventually have also raise the expectations of fans.

The Matrix Resurrections story background

If one day, we accidentally find ourselves in a world that is not as originally imagined, and many of the things we are accustomed that are hidden behind a conspiracy and overturning our past perception. How will we react? Will try to accept to adjust to accept? Or will you decide to leave your comfort zone and get up to find the truth and answers? Will you find a way to get your life back on track?

Like Ryan Reynolds starring in "Free Guy" this year, the protagonist of "The Matrix Resurrections" Neo began as a computer-savvy ordinary office worker, hading the day-to-day ordinary life but one day there was a dramatic change after an accident. From the discovery that the world has always known only a computer program called "Matrix", to being told that he has a mission to save other human beings, which are all with a combination of science fiction action adventure story, creating a classic series with far-reaching impact on future generations.

The Matrix Resurrections unique worldview

From "What Happened to Monday", "Chaos Walking", "Alita: Battle Angel", to the animated films "Eden" and "Poupelle of Chimney Town", audiences have been familiar with anti-utopian films for many years, but the most special and irreplaceable aspect of "The Matrix Resurrections" series is that the director, the Wachowski sisters, used the "code" composed of digital bits to construct the entire work in the "post-apocalyptic" world, the majority of human beings are imprisoned by artificial intelligence in the virtual space of the world view design.

This not only makes people interested in "The Matrix Resurrections" which has a unique concept of anti-utopian story. In the entire work as the "savior" of the protagonist Neo must lead the surviving humans to resist the artificial intelligence of the story framework. The director is also in the use of the film gunfire and slow-motion fight scenes to bring the audience a high degree of entertainment.x In addition, through many plot elements of religious concepts, philosophical ideas, and people's free will and secularism spirit and other issues to explore in depth.

The Matrix Resurrections story development

The Matrix Resurrections review article talks so much about the background setting of "The Matrix Resurrections" series, in fact, because this latest "The Matrix Resurrections" is ostensibly an authentic sequel, but in the end, it is basically a movie that takes the concept of the first "Matrix" episode and reshuffles it. With the love between the main characters, Neo and Trinity, as the core of the movie.
"The Matrix Resurrections"review
Although the end of "The Matrix Resurrections 3" in 2003, as the savior of the protagonist Neo after a series of battles and efforts, eventually sacrificed himself to save the only remaining human from the fate of extinction. However even so, in the sequel "The Matrix Resurrections" these years the two sides maintain a peaceful relationship behind the surface, Neo and the human race will face the crisis that did not end there.

Are "The Matrix Resurrections" reviews good?

After the death of Neo and Trinity in the last episode, the head of the machine that created The Matrix Resurrections repaired them and put the two who had temporarily lost their memories back into the virtual world of The Matrix Resurrections. Therefore, although "The Matrix Resurrections" is still a story of characters escaping from the matrix and confront it, this time not only Neo becomes a game designer Thomas Anderson, who has a similar appearance to the protagonist of "John Wick" and creates the game "The Matrix Resurrections".

Because of an accident, the protagonist of "The Matrix Resurrections" Neo met with a young version of "Morpheus". He took the red capsule to separete the matrix and restored past memories. However, even after regaining his freedom, because the woman who he loves was still enslaved by The matrix. So "The Matrix Resurrections" through Neo's profound love for her, the story focuses on his decision to return to the matrix, will lose his memory, and has a new identity of Trinity to save the process. "xThe Matrix Resurrections" tries to bring a nostalgic and new experience to the audience with a story similar to "The Matrix Resurrections" but just the opposite.

The Matrix Resurrections plot theme

Like many "Cyberpunk" genre works on the theme of whether robots and bionics can possess human emotions, "The Matrix Resurrections" also explores the psychology of human beings in that virtual world and their emotional relationships with each other by encoding each person's consciousness and emotions and the role of chemicals in the brain into a digital symbol. The film also explores the psychological and emotional relationships between humans in that virtual world by encoding each person's conscious emotions and brain chemicals into digital symbols. Since everything in it is written by others, it can be changed and is not real. Do their inner emotions and determination to be free still have meaning?

Therefore, the most valuable thing about the main characters of The Matrix Resurrections is that they are able to act with their own independent consciousness, free from the confines of the program, and strive towards their own goals. From the earlier Trinity kissed Neo and brought him back to life, to now because Trinity remembered the emotion with Neo and get the super power that can save both of them. The whole movie also shows the greatness and powerful power of love by the final ending of the two flying in the air.

The Matrix Resurrections flaws

But even with such a potential development direction, the director is also quite bold and crazy to make attempts to add a lot of tribute eggs and post-production plot that connect with the previous trilogy. However "The Matrix Resurrections" in order to pursues the same plot of "Déjàvu" (Déjàvu), there are the similar story structure, a thin supporting cast, and a lot of weird and abrupt laughs even though it pays homage to its predecessor. All of thoese make the audience feel tired of the movie to a great extent."The Matrix Resurrections"review

It may be strange to say this, but "The Matrix Resurrections" is more of a comedy than a science fiction movie that contains elements of science fiction, romance and action, but the combination is poorly executed. In addition to "The Matrix Resurrections" should be the most representative of the lack of sincerity in the action scenes and the editing section, which are too disorganized so that it is only to the point of the issue more difficult to absorb. Some of the picture tone and scene design ars too clear and modern, which also let the whole film less than the first trilogy of the thick gloomy atmosphere of Cyberpunk. There is a slight pity.

Has "The Matrix Resurrections 3" become good-looking?

In the past decade or so, under the high standard established by the first Matrix, almost all fans were disappointed with The Matrix Resurrections 3 and gave relatively negative comments. Personally, after watching The Matrix Resurrections this time, I changed my opinion of The Matrix 3, not only because I felt nostalgic, but also because I wished that I had a blue pill that could eliminate the memory after watching "The Matrix Resurrections" and let my impression of "The Matrix Resurrections" stay in the "final chapter" that was originally the most criticized.

Although "The Matrix 3" almost the entire movie is dominated by special effects scenes, but look at the people in the face of the overwhelming mechanical octopus. In order to protect the city of Zion and fight to the death of the blood, as well as the protagonist Neo in order to save the cherished people and to achieve their mission of responsibility will, at least for the trilogy to make a perfect conclusion. However "The Matrix Resurrections" appearing makes unstable variation of the series that seems to have started a new trilogy of origin chapters, but also seems to be a nostalgic tribute to sell sentiment. The overall intention and performance of the film fans are confused.

The Matrix Resurrections Review Conclusion

All in all, I like the way "The Matrix Resurrections" continues the overall worldview of "The Matrix" series by updating the "Matrix". Although it is very "déjà vu", as director Lana Wachowski says in the end credits that to my parents, love is the origin of all things. This film takes the love and emotion between Neo and Trinity, two characters who have died, as the core of the film, so that they can be resurrected and reunited through the film. The choreography of the two classic characters created by themselves is indeed touching.

Just as the director tells the story of Neo's escape from the matrix and his return to save Trinity, The Matrix Resurrections also deliberately arranges for Warner Bros. to ask the game designer, played by Keanu Reeves, to start working on a sequel to The Matrix Resurrections game. For fans, whether this flim is released is necessary or not? Or is it just a cold rehash of the series that the studio has decided to bring back in order to make money?

The Matrix Resurrections end credits egg - "hacker cat" mission

So the audience can see the true voice of director Lana Wachowski in The Matrix Resurrections post-credits egg. During the meeting in The Matrix Resurrections to discuss how to develop the sequel to The Matrix Resurrections, the group eventually concluded that they should make a "Hack Cat" based on the highly discussed topic of the Meow video on the Internet, perhaps suggesting to the filmmakers that the film's main focus is to make money by not pretending to be so moral, but by simply making a cool movie that the public will enjoy.