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The most fundamental core value of education Is “Bad Education” a good movie?

A Bad Education uncovers the dark side of society The presentation of social issues in "Bad Education"

“Bad Education ” is a 2020 American school drama film directed by Cory Finley and starring Hugh Jackman, Allison Janney, Geraldine Viswanathan, and Alex Wolff, based on the real-life events at Roslyn High School on Long Island. Under the leadership of Superintendent Frank Tassone and Business Administrator Pamela Gluckin, Roslyn High School has become the fourth largest school in the nation, not only generating a staggering college enrollment rate but also driving real estate prices in the surrounding area, making Frank a celebrity in the education industry.


The most fundamental core value of education


In a society made up of people working together, most people are doing their own jobs and working hard to achieve a common goal. The results, and even accepting people's praise and affirmation, and this scorned behavior and face are in the "bad education" has a clear and complete display.

Bad Education movie review

Is Bad Education a good movie?


Perhaps we can never know or understand the real face of a person only from what we see on the surface, "Bad Education" not only takes the audience to see the opening scene of the film, played by Hugh Jackman's school district superintendent Frank in the opening ceremony to get praise from the crowd, praising him for his achievements in leading the school to the fourth place in the country, in the film also constantly to his interaction with the students, the way to deal with parental opinions, through the suits and well-dressed In the film, he is also shown interacting with students and dealing with parents' opinions, and his appearance, friendly attitude and ability in the workplace show why he is popular and highly regarded on campus and in the school district.

Bad Education movie review

A Bad Education uncovers the dark side of society


I like the smooth narrative rhythm of "Bad Education" and the precise and accurate performance of the actors. Although we have seen a lot of such movies exposing the darkness of society in recent years, from "Spotlight", "Official Secrets", "Dark Waters" to "Bombshell", the story of "Bad Education" focuses on the familiar and mostly simple campus. Instead, it uses a narrative tone and perspective that is quite close to the audience, combining the seemingly distant crime with the daily routine of campus administration, bringing a more profound and more reflective, and resonant feeling to the audience.


When Allison Janney's business director Pamela's credit card theft comes to light, Frank convinces everyone in the conference room not to call the police and to deal with it is a minor and minor way. It is because the first part of the movie "Bad Education" presents the beautiful scene of Roslyn High School when the change that will destroy everything happens now, the contradictory reaction of people in the same boat and Frank's fear of being implicated are so realistic and reflect the fact that people in the system have to tolerate the crime or unreasonable situation that should be condemned and sanctioned for the sake of superficial peace and self-interest. It is a vicious circle that is difficult to change.

Bad Education movie review

The presentation of social issues in "Bad Education"

However, just like the leaky ceiling in Bad Education, although it is just a trivial matter in the eyes of the public and will disappear after a few minutes, it may cause more harm than what we can see on the surface, but it is an attack on the whole structure of the building. This is the result of an unseen and hidden loophole that has been slowly expanding and eventually spreading to the entire campus system.


Through the details of the bidding process and the use of the Skywalk, Rachel, a campus reporter, hopes to uncover the hidden loopholes that are about to erupt in the school, exploring whether there are more important things in school education than grades. If a school only pursues superficial campus evaluation, how many students are successful in applying for college each year, but does not care about character education outside of the classroom, and even the faculty members who have an important influence on the students commit crimes such as corruption, can this be called "Good Education"? I think these are the questions that "Bad Education" raises while presenting the school malpractice.

 Bad Education movie review