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Moonfall review

moonfall movie

moon fall review


"Moonfall" has been released for two weeks. After several tangles, I finally saw it off! Polarized film reviews are the key to my thoughts.


I just watched a movie and now I'm going to talk about my feelings about it.


As a sci-fi disaster blockbuster for business and entertainment, the “Moonfall” is not bad. If you don't have the habit of exploring the logic and details of the film when watching the film, you only pay attention to the story and visual pleasure. It is recommended to watch it.


Although the plot of the film is somewhat tardy at the beginning, the driving force is weak and the structure is relatively loose, the overall timeline, logic line, and storyline are concise and clear, there are no major logic bugs, and the viewing process is relatively smooth.



The film does not start with a huge narrative on the background and causes of the story. Instead, it focuses on the depiction of the disaster phenomenon.

moon fall moive 


It simply tells the audience this phenomenon directly, which makes the film have more huge pictures and exciting pursuit scenes. The idea of the film is also good.  It focuses on the moon, which is both creative and tactile. The moon has always been a source of fascination and mystery for people. It's no wonder that it has been used as a source of inspiration for artists and a focus for tactile exploration.

 moonfall imdb


In “Moonfall”, the actor's performance is very wonderful, and the special effects are very good, coupled with the simple structure and plot content bias, which makes the viewing experience of the film very cool.


Of course, almost everything is for the "cool" service of the audience.


In this regard, it is successful and suitable for all ages.


If you are an audience who pursues details, film logic, story thickness, true science fiction, etc., your viewing experience may be very uncomfortable. This movie is not for you.



The remarkable characteristics of American disaster films are reflected incisively and vividly in this film: personal heroism.


From the beginning to the end of the film, from the protagonist to the supporting actor, everyone's words and deeds reveal this characteristic. Because of this characteristic, the film will inevitably have social logic errors contrary to reality.




The film focuses on depicting disaster phenomena, and the description of the causes is very few and incomplete, which will bring great logical errors; The storyline and logic line are too simple, which makes the whole world outlook and story thickness of the film very thin and can't stand thinking at all.


I don't know much about science fiction. As a normal person who doesn't know anything, I think the film is very science fiction and awesome. However, according to other people's film reviews, we can know that if you know a lot about science fiction, you may not be able to watch this film, or that sentence, can't stand thinking about it.


As for feelings, because I am not particularly sensitive, I feel that there are a lot of family and comrades in arms, but there is almost no love. The overall description is pretty good.




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