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The true story of Vicky and Her Mystery

Vicky and her mystery

Vicky and Her Mystery movie review

Vicky and Her Mystery movie review


"Vicky and Her Mystery" is a heartwarming drama film released in 2022, directed by Denis Imbert and starring actors Vincent Elbaz, Eric Elmosnino, and Marie Gillain. One day the owner of the farm gives Victoria a puppy named "Mystery" that makes her life colorful, but the fact that "Mystery" is a wolf is gradually revealed. It also brings unpredictable danger to the family.


Nature's power to heal the heart



Stories about dogs or animal companions have always been popular movie subjects. Whether the extremely tear-jerking "A Dog's Purpose", Tom Hanks' apocalyptic movie "Finch", or "Alpha" and "Call of the Wild" all make the audience happy and satisfied. So does this film. The story is based on true events and uses the power of animals to heal the heart to tell a good and heartwarming story.


The true story of Vicky and Her Mystery


We all may encounter bottlenecks in this world, but when we are trapped in trauma and pain, how do we find a way out of it? The story of "Vicky and Her Mystery" takes place in the windy mountainous region of the Pyrenees, where a father and daughter who have lost their wife and mother move from the disturbing city to the countryside where they live close to nature to change their mood.



One day the two got lost in the mountains and happened to come to a farm. The friendly owner not only took them back to the main road but also secretly gave Victoria a cute puppy "Mystery". With the long time to get along with this family animal, Victoria gradually opened their closed heart. The original dark home also began to become bright. However, as the background of the local livestock industry developed, the "mystery" of the real identity also led to "Vicky and Her Mystery" the whole film has a different development direction.


The theme of Vicky and Her Mystery


Based on a true story from France, "Vicky and Her Mystery" is not only the same as other movies with similar themes, using the usual interaction between Victoria and Mystery to depict the friendly relationship between people and pets, but also adds a depiction of the reality level. Through the fact that "Mystery" cannot be changed even if she is gentle and kind by nature. The fact of DNA testing makes this hard-earned human-wolf friendship full of twists and challenges.



In "Vicky and Her Mystery", the local shepherd has strong hostility and hatred towards the wolves, but Victoria, who has already established a deep friendship with "Mystery", is unwilling to be separated from her. The key to the final problem is the father. On the one hand, he takes into account her daughter's physical and mental condition, and on the other hand, he worries about her safety because of the wolf's predatory nature, which makes this dilemma and subsequent development become the main story of the movie.


Vicky and her mystery


Therefore, I like that even though "Vicky and Her Mystery" has a sadistic plot liking the loss of a mother or the taking away of a friend, which is hard to get. However just like the English title of the movie "Vicky And Her Mystery", it not only has the meaning of "Vicky's Mystery", but also represents the daughter "Vicky" between her wild Pokémon "mystery" beautiful relationship. "Vicky and Her Mystery" is a heartwarming film to heal the heart, the director is letting the protagonists face the pressure of the external environment because people and wolves are opposed to each other. Through Victoria and "mystery" who are forced to separate, they can still find each other's deep friendship, showing the existence of many goodness and beauty in the world, as well as the core theme of the whole movie.



"Vicky and Her Mystery" whole film with Pyrénées mountain secluded environment and scenery, there is a sense of harmony that makes people unconsciously become calm. So whether it is a father who failed to save his wife's sin, the shadow of trauma inside the child, or the conflict between humans and animals, all the real-life to bring people's trouble and pain, is in such an atmosphere are eliminated one by one. It is not only to allow different communities to understand each other identity, but the beauty of nature and creatures also deepens the emotions between father and daughter and helps Victoria to learn to let go with a blessed mood and become more brave and strong.


Vicky and Her Mystery Movie Review Conclusion



On the whole, "Vicky and Her Mystery" is a movie that can make people feel very comfortable watching. Not only does the child actress Shanna Kyle, who plays the daughter Victoria, has a natural acting performance, but the interaction between the girl and the coyote and the relationship between humans and animals all make the whole movie "Vicky and Her Mystery" have a positive power that can bring warmth to the audience. It is quite recommendable.



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