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My favorite DVD storage ideas for small spaces

dvd storage ideas

dvd storage ideas without cases

20 dvd storage ideas from Crazy dvd collectors ! -Funny and useful guideline !

cd storage ideas without cases

Lately I’ve been really struggling with the fact that in just over a year it will be the year 2022! Let that sink in a moment. I’ll never forget when I was in grade school and was asked to write about what we thought it would be like in the year 2022. We were supposed to have flying cars and live like the Jetson’s by now! Sure, in some ways we have made technological advancements that our parents only dreamed of, but I like to reminisce on the “good old days” when things were a bit more analog. As much as I love how things are more digital and convenient these days, I have a true affection for things that are tangible like paperback books and DVDs.


Growing up I had so many CD’s in a carrying case like my DVD storage case. All my friends had their own case full of CD’s that we made by “burning.” Do you even remember the hassle we had to go through to listen to music? We weren’t able to just download music and movies like we are able to now. Today’s kids will never understand the struggle and how valuable our carrying cases full of DVDs and CDs was to us. It was almost like our own little briefcase of power.


I remember collecting the little booklets that came with the CD and memorizing the lyrics to all my favorite songs. My storage case had little pockets that kept my booklets save. It was the end of the world if the page of the book ripped, or if the discs got scratched. Your life was over if you couldn’t pop in your favorite album in your Sony Walkman. Oh yes…the Walkman. Mine was yellow and I ADORED that little (actually it was kind of bulky) music player.


It seems like such a long time ago, when we had to head out to our local video store to buy or rent VHS tapes or DVDs. Netflix was just in its infancy (founded in 1997) and I remember the feeling of wonder when Blu-Ray came on the scene.

grammar's tv

I’ll never forget how. My grandmother’s television set had four large knobs that you had to turn in order to change the channel. Those days you really had to WORK for your entertainment!  When technology finally caught up with our imaginations, I was old enough to truly appreciate how big of a deal it was to have data on compact discs.


The crystal-clear image that was offered by DVDs and Blu-Ray discs was something only seen on the big screen, but now we could enjoy the pleasure of high definition movies in the comfort of our own home. I remember looking at each DVD storage case like a little package of entertainment that would bring hours and hours of joy. It’s no secret that DVDs can get scratched or chipped which renders them useless. And no, rubbing toothpaste on them didn’t fix them. Once they were scratched, the discs were done for good. Taking the time to keep your collection organized would preserve your movies for generations. I think it’s fantastic to keep the memories alive about old technology, so I plan on keeping my DVD and Blu-Ray movies as long as I can. Call me a dinosaur if you want, but there’s a reason why records have made a comeback!

My favorite DVD storage ideas for small spaces


dvd cases


I just love taking trips down memory lane, which is why I still have my massive DVD collection. I used to keep my movies in a big, boring rectangular box in my closet. It didn’t take long for one box to become two, and if you’re like me, you know that your closet isn’t an ideal place for storing DVDs.


dvd cases

Please, if you have your DVD collection in a big box, keep reading because this is not ideal for your precious movies! They deserve better than that! I loved my movies and I hated pulling out the boxes when I wanted to watch something. It was really cumbersome and took the joy out of watching movies. After all, that was the point of watching movies, right? To have a temporary escape from the day-to-day.


One thing I didn’t love about storing them in boxes, is how much space the DVD and Blu-Ray cases can take up. If gone unchecked, your coveted movie collection will quickly collect dust and will be an eyesore! Nobody wants a beautiful collection just getting dust on them! That’s an awful thing to happen. Over the years I’ve learned some tips and tricks for DVD storage ideas and I want to share them with you. I used to buy so many movies and for some reason, I still just can’t part with them. I love them so much! I think it’s a real problem, but if you’re like me then I have some solutions for you.


my dream


As a regular movie watcher, I used to pop in the discs regularly and found so much gratification with the physical copy in hand. It was like I was part of the action in a way. I loved the old Hollywood glamour of the movies so having a copy of my favorites was my way of paying homage to the old Hollywood greats that kept me entertained over the years. I would love pretending that I was in the love stories or action stories I was watching. I’m so thrilled to pass these beautiful movies on to future generations.


DVD storage ideas


Many people like you want to keep your precious DVD collection safe and there are many ways to do so. I was so surprised with how many ways there are to store your DVD collection. Even though I’m fond of the paper inserts and discs, the cases can be a bit ugly if they’re not taken care of or managed properly. One of my favorite DVD storage ideas for small spaces is using a book type case like this one. I really like how this DVD storage case is portable so I can carry my favorite movies anywhere I go.


slattye dvd stroage bag


It doesn’t take up too much space in the car so when I go on long car rides with the family, I don’t have to worry about downloading anything before I go since I have a DVD player in the car. I can’t tell you how many times the hard copies of movies have saved us on long car rides when someone forgot to pack a charger. There are so many options when you organize your movie collection this way. Finding the movie, you’re looking for is a breeze since this DVD storage case has extra wide title cover pages. You can hold almost 200 movies with this case and you can organize your movies easily with colorful dividers.


I love giving my favorite items as gifts, and this really does make a wonderful gift for anyone that collects DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. I have used many storage cases similar to this one, but I like that the handle is durable and makes carrying all my movies around really easy. This is one of my favorite storage solutions for small spaces since the DVD storage case closes down to the size of a small package that can fit easily in your bag or luggage.


There’s nothing worse than not being able to keep the kids or a friend entertained just because you may not have access to the Internet. Sometimes going “old school” is the way to go.


Getting creative with DVD storage binder

dvd stroage binder online

You can find so many creative DVD storage ideas on the internet, and as long as you save space with a DVD storage solution, there really is no wrong way to do it. Even if you’re not crafty, there are many ways for you to use creative DVD storage ideas to save space in your home. You can use many unique ways to store your DVD and Blu-Ray disks that are inexpensive.

dvd in boxes

Take a trip to your local discount store and check out the gift boxes. When displayed nicely, gift boxes are great DVD storage solutions. During the holidays, I love swapping out the boxes I use to organize my DVDs for more festive boxes. Some people prefer to have their DVD disks hidden away and using boxes is a quick and easy way to do so. If you like a clutter free look, you might prefer a DVD storage binder or DVD storage case.


A case or binder takes up much less space on your shelf and you can tuck them away almost anywhere! It’s perfect!


More creative DVD storage ideas

If you like to use furniture as functional items, try using an ottoman to hide your DVD cases. This will also add some functionality to your room if you aren’t already making the most of your furniture.


I found some shoe boxes that fit under my sofa and bed that I used to store some DVD cases. There are so many ways to hide things around your small space if you look hard enough!


dvd ideas on shelf


If you have a significant DVD collection, saving money on shelves might be your number one choice. You can get innovative with a wall of floating shelves.


One obvious way to use your creativity is to use a bookshelf…but mount it a bit higher on your wall. I like shopping at Ikea for affordable bookshelves. With enough creativity, you can fit a small bookshelf just about anywhere.


There’s so much unused space around your home, so before you move anything around, take a look at where you could potentially stash a pile of movies and make it look presentable.


booklet for dvds


Using a bookshelf makes it so much easier to properly maintain your DVD and Blu-ray collection. You can even enjoy movies that were from years ago without worry about scratched DVDs or worn out Blu-Ray discs. Outlined here are some of the best and few of my favourite DVD storage ideas and solutions.


One way I like to display my DVD collection is to use my DVDs and Blu-Ray discs as art. Genius, right?


ikea ideas for dvds


Check out IKEA Hackers for changes to essential IKEA furniture into letters to hold your DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. I hope you get the chance to say goodbye to boring old rows of upright DVD storage solutions. A unique and very creative branch-shaped shelf would absolutely provide your perfect DVD and Blu-Ray collection a total makeover. I love the idea of branches going up the wall, so if you can’t find this type of shelf in a store, then you can most definitely try and make one on your own.


There are so many ways to arrange DVD collections, yet not everything could work for you. Try to keep your decor simple on the eyes as well as keeping everything as practical as possible. That’s why I love using my carrying case since its nice-looking and separates my collection by color. You could even include tags that you love to make it much more organized and presentable.


Leaning media stand


Leaning media stand can be used as well to keep your large DVD collection off the floor. A leaning wall surface system can be sufficient space for collections and also shows points that makes a simple as well as nicely sizeable media storage space service.


Complete this storage idea with relocating door cabinets or cable monitoring which will make this into one smooth system.

morden means for dvds


Modern also means things that are slim so check out a slim DVD storage ideas system. You can find 2 separate items for this solution: a tower and also a stand with a panel. Hopefully you found a solution that was used to match your needs. I appreciate bright colors as well as plain so when you need a storage solution for your DVD or Blu-Ray collection, take a long pause to consider your aesthetic goals. What do you hope to achieve?


space for dvds


Can you make this work with less? What is your budget? Perhaps just a carrying case for your fantastic DVD and Blu-Ray collection will do the trick so you don’t really need to buy too much furniture. It’s something important to consider right? Hopefully you found so many great ideas today from this article. Never forget, there is also space behind your TV that you can store your DVD collection. Anything is possible!


Get fancy with DVD storage binder with cover art


rack for dvds

If you keep a huge collection of DVDs like me, it can be really hard to keep them all in order. I hate feeling like I’m scattering them around after we watch a movie. If you have a shelf, rack or other place where you can store your DVDs, then you know how tidy and neat your home can be. There are so many creative storage ideas that you can implement to keep everything in order, and also keep your DVDs in great condition for years to come.




Always try to keep your DVD collection off the ground at all times. This will ensure that you do not carelessly place them in places that they might break. The DVD storage binder with cover art storage idea is ideal for someone with has a few discs but also someone that has plenty of them that do not fit in traditional places.


enough room for dvds

If you have enough wall space, consider making a display if that fits your decor and style. You can find a DVD storage binder with cover art that matches your aesthetic. I was surprised to find so many different styles and with a little bit of luck, you can find the perfect DVD storage binder with cover art that your guests will enjoy looking at. I like finding cover art that looks like actual art, so nobody will ever tell that there is a stash of movies hidden behind it.


Of course, this is a great DVD storage idea for anyone, but it is also a decorative measure where you can add some much-needed color to your walls and to your home as well. To make it even more beautiful, you can try different types of wood shelving and blend in as many different colored DVDs as you can manage.  A great idea is to also try different patterns, case sizes and books for a more stylish finish.



No matter the size of your collection, taking the time to organize your movies will keep your small space looking larger than life!


Other DVD storage solutions


dvd solutions

It’s the perfect time of year to find the perfect DVD storage solutions that reflect your personal style. If you have a large collection of movies, you might have a difficult time finding something to accommodate your entire collection, so you might want to make a custom storage unit. I love seeing movies organized nicely on a big shelf or cabinet.


furniture for dvds

Thrift stores are a great place to find furniture for the room size you need at an affordable price. You can paint it any way you like or use contact paper to make it fresh and welcoming. I’m not very good with making things myself, but if you’re handy, you might want to try making your own storage solution. There are so many places to buy scraps for home projects at an affordable price and you’ll be able to make exactly what you need.


boxes for dvds


A  fantastic alternative solution for your DVD and Blu-Ray storage needs are the plastic circular containers that you get when you buy blank discs. They usually have a base with a long pointy middle. It’s so easy to just slide them in to the base. The next step is to pile your discs on top of each other to store them easily. This method is a piece of cake and a real time saver.


Not to mention this is very economical too! The lid for the circular container is good to protect your DVDs from damage and dust. You can use as many containers as needed to manage your DVD collection. This is a great way to store them since you can place on shelves and use colorful labels to keep everything even more organized.


dvds in boxes

I mentioned the many ways you can use boxes to keep your DVD collection organized, but have you thought of using a small box DVD container? This storage idea is all about using a small container to store your CDs and DVD discs. There are so many containers that you can use for this storage idea and you can purchase them from any dollar store or discount store near you. It may be a one-time use container, or it can be sectioned into various segments. Either way, you can easily arrange your DVDs for a neater presentation on your shelf.


revolving case for the CDs


I used to have a revolving case for the CDs, so of course it’s a great idea to use the same idea for your DVD and Blu-Ray collection. The revolving DVD storage case is a very sophisticated solution to your small or even large DVD and Blu-Ray collection.


I love that this has made it much easier for people to access their DVDs from the bottom of the display case without having to reach too far but rather, all you need is to turn the case which allows the disc to be presented where the comes at the top. It’s almost like a game!



My favorite multi-use item would be a spice rack. I know it’s so odd right, but the spice rack can be rotated in many ways, even upside down depending on what you want to hold. I use this for nail polish as well as a handy holder for my DVD and Blu-Ray collection. I love it! This is a great DIY and is so affordable.

DVD storage case crafts


creative dvd discs


If you’re a crafty person, you can find some creative DVD disc crafts to give your unused movies a new purpose in life. I love spending time browsing Pinterest for ways to repurpose discs since I hate throwing things away. You can make some beautiful wall art by making a DVD curtain. This way, its dual purpose- art and storage! To make a DVD curtain, join together enough DVD pockets to fill the area that you want to cover.

This type of decoration looks best without the paper inserts, so if you can bare to toss the movie info, this might be a great solution for you! If you really look closely at the areas in your home that you’re not using, I can guarantee that you can fill the space with a lovely display of DVDs that would make your guests want to watch the movies with you.


laminated dividers for dvds

One of the craftiest ways of storing your DVDs is by using the laminated dividers that you can find at the dollar store or discount store. They are affordable, don’t take up too much space and are a fantastic way of keeping your DVDs intact so you can enjoy them over and over again.


There is a disadvantage to using the laminated dividers, so I must warn you. Did you know that they can also easily tear if you aren’t careful with them? Of all the ways I told you about storing your DVD collection, this one is a bit tricky if you’re not careful. Try to use a box or a container without the lid. That was you can avoid bending the laminated dividers and use the box or container as a carrying case. This way, you will be able to pile as many fully laminated DVD and Blu-Ray dividers as you need.


photos around dvds

Do you still have photos around that have been put in boxes? I don’t know about you, but I don’t bother printing many pictures these days. Yes, I love taking pictures, but I just don’t have the time to get around to printing them. It’s sad, but I do have so many photo boxes that I can use for other purposes. If you’re like me and you have a few standard photo storage boxes that you’re not using, you can try and put them to good use by making them your personal DVD store!


They are the best since they are super compact, durable, and have been designed to hold a ton of pictures. This makes it perfect for DVD or Blu-Ray disc storage.


Boxes can hold a number of discs and since it keeps the contents safe and secure, the more you have, the more DVDs and Blu-Ray discs you can keep. This is perfect for someone like me since I don’t like to throw perfectly good DVD’s in the trash.


Boxes really do help keep your home organized. I have all types around my home. You can even hide them away if you don’t want to see them or keep the boxes in a safe place where you know they will be in good hands.


 labeling DVDs


As much as I love keeping things organized, labeling DVDs is not my favorite job. I had so many movies that I needed to find a less time-consuming way to keep the labels nice and neat. If you need more ideas to organize your DVD collection in a beautiful way and for much easier access, just try out the labeled storage boxes that are already neat and tidy for you. Pre-labelled storage boxes are large enough to accommodate a number of DVDs or Blu-Ray discs. I was so surprised to see that my friend fit her entire collection in pre-labelled storage boxes.


Not only do I love to use boxes when I’m organizing my home, I really love using baskets. You can find all types that are perfect for any decor. Did you know that baskets were once used for storing many different things? Almost anything can be stored in a basket. What I love most is that baskets can also be hung so you have many more options when it comes to using beautiful baskets.

Many cabinets in newer homes may come with their own drawers for storing your DVD collection. This is definitely a huge advantage if you own a large collection of DVDs. The best thing with this kind of storage is that you get to keep your wonderful discs in a safe place where you know they will remain free from dust and scratches.


booklet for dvds

Of course, if any of these solutions don’t work for you and you can deal with the heartbreak of parting with your DVD collection, you can always give them away or try and sell them. I had over one thousand movies in my collection and it was really hard for me to organize them into groups of “keepers” and “giveaways”.




As much as I hated it, purging movies you know you won’t actually watch again will be so therapeutic because let’s face it, as much as you love that special movie from your childhood, are you really going to watch it again?


I really hated to admit it, but I knew that most of the movies I had were available for streaming so if I REALLY REALLY had to watch a particular movie to relive the good old days, I could find a copy of it easily, and most of the time I found it online for free. Depending on the quality of the DVD case, you might earn a pretty penny for first editions or box sets if you can find an interested buyer.


slattye dvds booklet


S.lattye is a great marketplace for niche collectors. You never know…you may have a hidden gem in your DVD or Blu-Ray collection that someone might be willing to pay top dollar for!