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Using a comet to mend family ties Is Greenland good?

Greenland is a meteorite version of the 2012 The Human Test of Greenland's Plot

“Greenland” is an American disaster action movie released in 2020, directed by Ric Roman Waugh, starring actors Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Scott Glenn, and David Denman, the plot tells the story of the off-track "Clark" comet is about to burst through the atmosphere, as the world falls into the panic of the countdown to destruction, father John must overcome all difficulties in order to survive, the lucky government selected family to take refuge in the shelter, in the seconds of life and death, he will also face his own unimagined challenges.


Using a comet to mend family ties


However, this year, due to the epidemic, although there are still many new movies released every week, Hollywood entertainment blockbusters have delayed their release plans and there are fewer works with box office appeal, so before the popularity of "Peninsula" fades and the much-anticipated "Tenet" arrives During this transitional period, the comet-crash disaster film "Greenland" was like a timely rain, allowing many viewers who thought it was "worth the money" to go to the theater to relieve their boredom.

Greenland movie review

Is Greenland good?


Like many of the disaster movies we are familiar with, "Greenland" takes the theme of "Clark's Comet", which can destroy the world in an instant, falling on the earth's surface, and focuses the story on how John, a father, takes his family out of danger before the end of the world. Through the combination of unpredictable natural disasters and the emotions between the family, the characters witness the death and separation around them and try to fight against the irresistible fate to trigger the audience's emotional resonance.


The action actor Gerard Butler, who has a tough-guy image, has brought the series to a close last year with "Angel Has Fallen" to save the president from many disasters, and this year, 2020, he is working with director Ric Roman Waugh again to release "Greenland", a disaster movie. This time, the object of protection is changed from the president to his family, which makes his image of a brave father who loves his children and can sacrifice and pay for his family at all costs deeply planted in the hearts of the audience despite his many defects.

Greenland movie review

Greenland is a meteorite version of the 2012


You can think of "Greenland" like a meteorite version of "2012", the two basically have the same story direction, the difference is only in the plot and the weight of the scenes are different. So although the special effects scenes are not as shocking and frightening as the massive volcanic eruptions, powerful earthquakes and hundreds of meters high tsunamis caused by the violent movement of the plates in 2012, the plot of Greenland is not as wishful thinking as 2012 but focuses more on the characters' state of mind and human nature after the disaster.


I can feel that "Greenland" tries to find the heart in the traditional story, in addition to the crisis experienced by the protagonist John's family in the process of escape, but also the film itself on the character background, the relationship between the characters management, perhaps the overall story still can not be separated from the consistent style of Gerard Butler's works, but the director Ric Roman Waugh chose from our real-world if the real The director, Ric Roman Waugh, chose to start from the perspective of what would happen if a disaster were to occur in our real world, which also allows the audience to have a deeper sense of immersion in the process of enjoying the Greenland movie.

Greenland movie review

The Human Test of Greenland's Plot


In a way, in the first part of "Greenland" movie, John alone received the presidential alert that he must go to the shelter, but found all the neighbors are in the house party, that kind of embarrassment in the face of everyone's questioning, want to do something but can not do anything about the contradiction tangled, has directly told the audience that "Greenland" is a rather special disaster film. Just like the close friends in the film who are instantly strangers because of a text message notification, perhaps we can all look at what happened to others in a rational manner, but if the same thing happens to us, will we also hope that the party with the resources can give us a little assistance?


“Greenland” fully demonstrates that an apocalypse will bring changes to the whole world, definitely not just a threat to all life on earth, people's will to survive in a critical situation will drive us to do many things we had never imagined, just like in desperate times, no matter how small the hope in front of us, how weak the light will try to grasp, regardless of the price to pay is the loss of humanity, or against our own conscience and moral values. No matter whether the cost is the loss of humanity or the violation of one's own conscience and moral values, they all seem to become insignificant in the face of imminent death.

Greenland movie review