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The batman - Robert Pattinson

  The batman is a neo-noir film

the batman2022

The batman 2022 movie

“The batman" is a superhero movie released in 2022, directed by Matt Reeves, starring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, and Colin Farrell. The plot tells the story of Bruce, the heir of the Wayne family, who is a loner and stays out of the house during the day, only disguising himself as Batman at night to fight criminals, but one day there is a serial murder case in Gotham City, and many elites are killed one after another by the "Riddler". But one day a series of murders occurred in Gotham City, and many elite members were killed one after another by the "Riddler", in this case, no one can be trusted, Batman can only find the purpose and true identity of the killer through the puzzle left at the scene.


The core value of the hero



Last decade, DC Comics, under the leadership of director Zack Snyder, created a "DC Extended Universe" with many fascinating heroes. However, along with the unprecedented failure of 2017's Justice League, which was not as expected, Warner also decided to reboot it and shift the focus to the direction of independent solo films first. So as the first Batman solo movie after Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, what style will batman go for this time? Will it be able to redeem the decline of DC hero movies? I believe that fans are curious and looking forward to it.


The batman - Robert Pattinson


the batman robert pattinson


As early as the information about "The Batman" was released, who will replace Ben Affleck as The Batman? There has been a lively discussion on the topic. From "Secret Agent" Armie Hammer, "X-Men" Nicholas Hoult, to the band "Jonas Brothers" Nick Jonas, all sectors have different estimates and opinions. However, the final result is out, "Creed" Robert Pattinson successfully won the role of "Batman", the news can be said to make everyone surprised and happy.



Although his early career was started with Twilight, a young adult romance novel, British actor Robert Pattinson has appeared in many literary films in recent years, and in addition to his highly praised acting performance, his brooding aura is also quite charming. Therefore, the director of "The Batman", Matt Reeves, chose to cast Robert Pattinson, a young and mysterious actor, and we seem to be able to see the style and background of this movie.


The characterization of The Batman


Unlike the previous Batmen who had a lot of high-tech equipment, the 2022 "The Batman" is relatively civilian and realistic, and takes place in Bruce Wayne's second year as Batman. As Gotham City's law and order deteriorated and crime spread, the then-young Batman cooperated with police officer Gordon, putting a bat searchlight in the night sky and appearing in all dark corners under the name of "Avenger" to sanction criminals, and became the most feared symbol of fear for all Gotham City criminals.



Until a mysterious criminal named "The Riddler" appears, targeting the mayor, police chief, prosecutor, and other important leaders of Gotham City, he commits several serial murders during Halloween using various techniques, causing panic among the people and society as a whole. Each time he commits a crime, he leaves a letter to Batman at the scene, through which several "riddles" are hidden, hinting at the next object he will be hunted.


The  Batman is a detective


Although in the "Dark Knight Trilogy" directed by Nolan and the 2016 "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", Batman appeared as a "superhero" character, in addition to his identity as a rich man, a philanthropist, and the Dark Knight who punishes evil, he has always had another role as "The world's greatest detective" the bright title.



Therefore, with the Riddler's high-profile crime and such blatant provocation, the movie "The batman" focuses on Robert Pattinson's Batman trying to solve the riddle in the letter, following the clues given by the Riddler and going deep into the underworld to find out the target of his murder and his true identity under the mask. The film is not only filled with a strong sense of suspense that makes people feel curious, but director Matt Reeves also takes this opportunity to make a richer and more complete description of the character's background.


The batman is a neo-noir film


the batman2022 moives


For me, the most special and fascinating thing about "The Batman" is that it is more neo-noir with crime thriller elements than a traditional superhero film. Batman is confronted with the successive murders of Gotham's elite, from working with veteran detective Gordon, asking "Penguin" Oz for relevant information, to meeting "Catwoman" Selina, who is looking for her missing best friend, "Neo-noir" takes the audience step by step to sort out the case The batman takes the audience step by step to understand the case and discover the hidden truth behind the story.



With Batman as the protagonist of a film noir and playing the role of a detective, the audience can expect that these murders in "The batman" are not as simple as they appear, but involve many complex aspects. As Batman delves into the intricate power structure of Gotham City, he not only sees the unknown side of these high-ranking officials but also the dark secrets of the black and white worlds, where no one seems to be innocent, which also brings a strong impact to his heart.


Batman's story development


Although on the surface "The batman" deliberately skips the plot of Bruce Wayne's parents' murder, the audience can still clearly feel the impact of this childhood shadow on him in the film, and the psychological trauma that he is still trapped in this day. So even though Batman holds the determination to fight crime and goes out every night to sanction the villains of Gotham City, his seemingly strong faith is so weak in the face of the challenge of the villain "The Riddler".



Robert Pattinson, the young Batman, has a stubborn rebellious streak in his blood, always hoping to save Gotham, a city with a bad reputation, with the image of a "vengeful messenger" that scares the hell out of the bad guys. But the fist can only fight criminals and roadside thugs, what use to those morally bankrupt hearts? What he saw and heard during the investigation completely overturned Batman's perception and imagination of Gotham. Everything he originally believed in, including the administrative justice and police system, as well as the idea of the Wayne family and his father, all collapsed overnight.


The Seven Deadly Sins in a bat mask

There is no doubt that we can see batman as a superhero in a superhero’s skin, wearing a bat mask "Seven Deadly Sins". Whether it is the villain "The Riddler" who cleverly uses the riddle hidden in the case to gradually uncover the corruption of Gotham City from the inside out, or the desperate powerlessness of Batman who sees the ugly side of human greed, the depressive atmosphere that exists everywhere in the whole environment is like a heavy boulder that weighs down the protagonist and all the viewers almost to catch their breath.



Therefore, "The batman" is a hero movie, from the original for the father Thomas Wayne and Gotham convinced, to the later discovery of the unknown truth, so that he for his motive purpose of fighting crime every night out of doubt. And in this desperate situation, how should Batman, who has lost his parents since childhood and is mostly alone in the struggle, find the meaning of his existence? The ultimate answer lies in his feelings for Gotham and his belief in injustice.


Themes in the plot of The batman


At the beginning of the "New Batman" movie, Batman is invisible in the darkness, carrying responsibility and pressure, spreading fear with his bat searchlight, and deterring criminals through violent sanctions. What is the difference between terrorists?



Although Batman prevented Catwoman from killing her father said: "Do not become like them." But Batman himself is also in deep confusion. Through the psychological conflicts of the protagonist, "The batman" brings the audience to think about how to make society better and better. Perhaps those corrupt mayors, chiefs, and prosecutors arrest the bad guys, but then they fill the vacant positions and continue to do the same thing. Is it justice to sanction thugs with actions that carry personal justification?


The meaning of the ending of The batman


After the villain, Riddler blows up the seawall and floods Gotham City, "The batman" ends with a strong symbolic ending, in which Batman comes to his senses during the battle with Riddler's henchmen and severs the cables that are about to fall into the water, and lights a flaring torch to save the citizens who are about to be crushed by the debris. Batman has transformed from a fearful messenger of vengeance to a hero who brings hope to the people.



Also in the darkness, Batman now becomes a presence of light, leading the people to move on. Because revenge and resentment do not lead to growth, he needs to do more, and although he does not have a clear direction until the end, "The batman" remains a passive character throughout the movie, waiting for the villain to commit a crime and finding a way to deal with it, he still believes that Gotham City can be transformed from a sinful city full of crime and corruption to a more progressive one.


The development of the sequel of The batman


Therefore, the spiritual symbol of Batman in people's hearts is more important than the Gotham City that was washed away by the sea at the end of "The Batman". Will the future of the city be a matter of people rebuilding their homes and restoring order? Or will it be like his father's charity fund, which was eaten up by outlaws like hyenas after his death, and will it follow in the footsteps of the past?



Looking at the original simple Batman in the film, after these shocking events, see the true appearance of people, in Gotham, a city engulfed by lies, the loss of the original order to grow, we should practice justice in what way, to obtain a stable peace? Perhaps this is the theme that the entire series of "The batman" hopes to tell through the young Batman.


The batman Review Conclusion


On the whole, "The batman" is a great success for DC and Warner. Under the title of Batman as the "World's Greatest Detective", the director combines film noir and crime thriller with each other and wraps this atypical superhero movie with complex psychological aspects of the characters, depressing and heavy story tone, and dark and cold tones. The film's suspenseful plot is not only fascinating but also redefines the core value of Batman as a hero by blurring the seemingly clear line between good and evil.



I've always believed that there is no such thing as a good movie, only a good movie for you and a good movie for you. Although in this era, "The batman" is three hours long, and the gloomy and slow pace of 1970s film noir may be difficult for viewers who are used to fast food entertainment to adapt to, there is no doubt that just as "The Joker" in 2019 explored the distortion of the human heart with its delicate characterization, "The batman" also cuts from a realistic perspective, and through the fists wielded by Robert Pattinson The batman" also takes a realistic approach, hitting us hard through the fists of Robert Pattinson, and setting an excellent start for the two sequels to follow.


The batman Ending Egg - Joker, Goodbye



At the end of the "New Batman" movie, in addition to Barry Keoghan's role as Commissioner Gordon's sidekick who will become the "Joker" of the series, there is also a post-credits egg after a series of credits, in which the villain Riddler uses his secret website to type to the audience: "Goodbye. I think this arrangement is quite interesting, nothing to waste time or anything, the old saying: "Don't watch if you're not happy."



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