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The setting of "The Lost City  

Is "The Lost City" rated well?

the lost city movies reviews

The lost city movie review


“The Lost City" is an American action comedy film released in 2022, directed by Adam Nee and Aaron Nee, starring actors Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, and Brad Pitt, the plot tells the story of Lolita, a writer known for writing romantic adventure novels, was kidnapped by a wealthy man with an eccentric personality, asking her to help find the great secret treasure described in the book. This has worked with Lolita's male model Aaron to prove that he is not only the hero of the novel, but decided to launch a rescue operation, and embarked on a funny and interesting jungle adventure.


Female-oriented jungle adventure



The action-comedy has always been the most popular movie genre, whether it is Hollywood's "Kingsman 2", "Red Notice", Korea's "International Search" and France's "The Last Mercenary", all of these works are highly entertaining with their stress-free plots, and this "The Lost City" is no exception. This time, "The Lost City" is no exception.


The cast of "The Lost City


As soon as the trailer was released, the audience could feel that the movie "The Lost City" was filled with a unique charm. The heroine played by Sandra Bullock Lolita is a novelist who has published several best-selling novels combining the themes of adventure and romance, and also made the male model Aaron, played by Channing Tatum, who shot the cover photo for her, but now Lolita is in a dilemma of running out of ideas.



Due to the death of her adventure-loving husband a few years ago, so the "Lost City" heroine Lolita lost the motivation to create, under the publisher's pressure to write many of her unacceptable plots. The directors of "The Lost City", Adam Nee and Aaron Nee, also presented it in a rather interesting way, visualizing her flawed words and deepening her inner frustration through images.


The setting of "The Lost City



the lost city movie reviews



But even though the protagonist Lolita hurriedly wrapped up her new novel "The Lost City" early in the face of the constant pressure from the outside world to meet her deadline, the problems she had to face were not over yet. In the original grand book launch party, not only as of the author of the style completely by Channing Tatum as the cover-only male model Aaron to steal, and even outside the scene angry ready to leave, by unknown persons forced kidnapping.



The Lost City" film by the "Harry Potter" actor Daniel Radcliffe as a billionaire keen on treasure hunting, even to the point of near madness. Due to the discovery of the heroine Lolita based on her late husband's archaeological research to write the novel "The Lost City", with their treasure is looking for a considerable degree of correlation, to get the relevant clues from her, they decided to tie her to a remote uninhabited island, and this is the story of the film "The Lost City" background.


Is "The Lost City" rated well?


However, the interesting thing about the movie "The Lost City" is that after the heroine Lolita is kidnapped, the male model Aaron, who is usually ignored and despised by her, decides to go to the rescue to prove his worth. From requesting the assistance of Brad Pitt's "survival expert" Jack, the two successfully found the lost Lolita to take her on the run, to later unexpected mistakes, "The Lost City" is a lot of sudden laughs, to give the audience a fun-filled experience.



Whether it's Brad Pitt's long flowing hair like Thor, Channing Tatum's robust body being sucked by leeches, or the emotional relationship that eventually develops between Lolita and Aaron, the exaggerated but not overly deliberate plotting of the whole film, coupled with the strong spark of interaction between the actors, "The Lost City" successfully demonstrates an action-comedy that allows the audience to naturally empty their heads and enjoy the absurdity of the film. The real value of a funny and flamboyantly funny plot.


Themes of the "Lost City" Plot

Therefore, underneath the many jokes surrounding the male appearance in "The Lost City", I believe we can feel that Sandra Bullock, who is both the producer and the female lead of "The Lost City", wants to make "The Lost City" a female-oriented "romantic comedy" more than a jungle adventure, and this is also largely reflected in the plot and character design of the film, through this thrilling adventure, reflecting the needs of women can not be ignored.



The Lost City" in the film Sandra Bullock as a female writer Lolita after the loss of her husband became disillusioned and decrepit, the original creative talent also disappeared, spend all day locked in their homes, stuck in a dead-end cycle, so "The Lost City" because of the kidnapping and the unexpected journey to the jungle, seemingly the whole process is full of twists and turns, always in the fear of escape, but in fact, but also gave her a But in fact, it also gives her a chance to break free from her inner bondage and start anew.


The development of "The Lost City" ending



Just as Aaron, who was originally just a cover boy model, became the hero who helped the heroine Lolita out of danger, the kidnapping incident in "The Lost City" originated from the villain's heart, but also made Lolita's novel play out in her real life, and let her become her heroine by disguising herself, following Aaron to work together, a "happy couple, in the end, she also came out of the shadow of her past trauma and found her true self.


Conclusion of "The Lost City" Review



On the whole, "The Lost City" combines different genre elements such as action-adventure and romantic comedy, although it does not have a strong treasure hunt flavor like "Mysterious Seas",  the whole film focuses on the chemistry between the actors, through the kind of fictional plot written by themselves, but surprisingly in real life, the ridiculous helplessness of creating a lot of laughs, to make a new interpretation of the classic old story. In a way, it is quite interesting, if you want to relax and relieve stress, "The Lost City" is still worth watching.


The Lost City" egg credits


Originally in Aaron and Brad Pitt as Jack to save the heroine Lolita in the process, Jack died because of a gunshot to the head, but "The Lost City" finally also, in the end, credits egg to reveal the fact that he did not die, not only the body is still very healthy, and even meditate with Lolita and Aaron two.



According to Jack's explanation, the average person will only use 10% of the brain in his life, but Jack is not doing so, because already fully mastered their brain, so even if part of the bullet is damaged, he can still live with the remaining part, in the head after the gunshot survived.



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