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Fast and Furious 9 moive & dvd review

fast saga

fast and furious

The day before yesterday after watching "Fast and Furious 9 the Fast Saga". The overall pace is slightly rushed, but the cars and beautiful women still love forever. Less street racing part always feels the lack of something. The director has changed, but the flavor remains the same! As always, the story: family, friendship, love, brotherhood.



As a film series that comes out a few years, for me, it can no longer be evaluated with the usual eyes or compared to the previous ones.



After the eighth part and the low reputation of the biography (in fact, these two parts are still good, the story script is a little weak, plus a change of director) family's original team returned, a variety of racing stunts in the sky, full of pleasure, the story connects with the previous work, the villain Theron and John Cena cooperation, and bald Diesel staged brother in love with each other to kill each other, single-handedly brought up the speedy director Lin Atbin returned to guide, a variety of big scenes, The old buddy Han's resurrection return is also a surprise, this time also gave a sports car equipped with a rocket engine, as for the plot, a simple summary is that the brother does not want to live in the shadow of his brother, the joint villain Theron to make things happen, and then repaired by his brother! The plot is the same old recipe, family! As for the script this time, the biggest problem is less soul writer Chris Morgan, many places are too rigid!




 fast saga


Ready to see the friends, before watching the best to see the previous few through to make up for it, "Fast and Furious 9" plot although slightly jump, but a lot of ambushes, every shot is not wasted. Interspersed with the memories of Don's boss when he was young, everywhere is a detail. The end of the film revisits the feeling of we are family, did not expect Jason Statham's end credits egg also appeared, no doubt let people can not help but associate the next step of the speed 10, end credits egg ten-second car and blue GTR R34 exit also let people tear up, no more Paul Walker figure, but that blue R34 is still in, a tribute to Brian O'Connor! Tribute to Paul Walker! Super looking forward to speed 10!



The Fast and Furious 9" is still a cheesy story about love and family, but the exaggerated design, open life, no need to explain. After the breakup between Van's brother and Boulder Johnson, John Cena was approached, from hatred to forgiveness between Van Diesel and John Cena, solving the mystery of his father's death, Roman. Pierce's funny value burst; the director lived up to the expectations of the car into outer space. Speed and passion from cars, trains, planes, nuclear submarines to outer space satellites, indestructible pervert armored cars, destroy the ancient straight into civilian urban life, too exciting, very worth it!



This should be the most consumed car in a movie, curious about how the speed ten can still be shot, it turns out that as long as the scene is cool enough everyone here will be good enough to buy a ticket into the venue, regardless of what the plot content, burning money in the world who can understand.


The year 2022 is the worst, and it will only get better from here! I hope we will become stronger and stronger!




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