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Bathroom ideas revolution: Shower Curtains Vs. Shower doors


Shower Curtains Vs. Shower doors


Recently, I have always received some consultations:


Q: What’s the advantages of the shower curtains and the shower doors?


Q: Do shower doors look more elegant for modern life?


People judge about those opinions all the time, and for real, I am tired of handling with those problems.


It seems that the bathroom ideas revolutions have already come. But, is that real?


Before making a decision, you need to consider different types of issues.


issues of shower curtains or shower doors


When we decorate the bathroom, we all know that it is a crucial decoration area for home decoration, and the bathroom decoration not only needs to be waterproof but also needs to design and plan the various equipment of the bathroom. Many people will do dry and wet separation in the toilet; then at this time, you have to decide which one to choose. Many people have not determined the right one. The decoration master said that the bathroom decoration needs to consider the difference between dry and wet so that the owner will not regret it. Let's take a look at how the master analyzes it:


Analyze the areas of your bathroom.


analyze your bathroom


First of all, we need to observe the approximate size of the bathroom and the family situation to make a decision. If the bathroom is small, your children can not take a bath alone, which means you have to bathe the child, so the shower doors can be ruled out unless you are at home.


The bathroom with shower door is more massive than the shower curtain one. The size of the ample shower room is 1m * 1m, that means you and your child can stand down, but the child is short, when you are kneeling, it is not easy.


At this time, what is needed is a combination of shower curtain + water barrier. The advantage of the shower curtain is that it is soft and won't bother your behaviors.


Think about your budget.


budget of shower curtains and shower doors


People say money talks, and we sure understand about that. That's true that glass shower doors can bring a whole bathroom with elegant, fashion and gorgeous designs. But have you ever thought about the budget? The average cost of frameless shower doors is $1000.What does it mean, you can buy almost 50 shower curtains. You can even switch your shower curtain every week.


PROs & CONs of shower curtains.


Pros & Cons of shower curtains



  1. When you use it, it will open without affecting the size of the space. It is malleable and suitable for small areas.


  1. Cost-effective, and the size can be customized.


  1. The replacement is simple, the color of the shower curtain is precious, and you can change it frequently;


  1. Easy to clean, easy to care, no need to wipe off the glass;


  1. For children, the security level is higher.




  1. The most unacceptable part of the shower curtain should be the wet part is accidentally attached to the body.


  1. The water barrier effect is not as good as the shower door, you would worry about the water is running everywhere. But our product is water resistant.


  1. It is prone to get mildew, bacteria and be unsanitary.


  1. Wet areas can not dry quickly and relatively moist.


PROs & CONs of shower doors.


Pros & Cons of shower doors




  1. The airtightness is reliable, the effect of isolating the water vapor is good, and the impact of the wet and dry partition is useful.


  1. Strong overall, high value, one-line shower room is especially suitable for simple style bathroom decoration.


  1. The heat preservation is excellent; the hot air is not easy to run away. It can give you a warm environment.


4 (relative to the shower curtain) The water vapor dries quickly, and the bathroom will not be wet.




  1. Bathroom size limits, the average area of the shower room is 1m * 1m, and the minimum size also needs to meet 85cm * 85cm, if the family is relatively large, this size must be adjusted upwards to match the comfort standards.


  1. Glass and hardware are not suitable as for the sanitary materials. If the water quality in the home is hard, it will leave water stains.


  1. The price is relatively high (Including different types of data).


  1. Safety considerations. Although the performance of tempered glass is sturdy, also looks elegant and fashion, but it has the hidden danger of self-explosion.


  1. The sealant is easy to be mildewed and black, and it is troublesome to replace.


Conclusion: Even if it is the same price, the revolution will not come.


People judge about the price of the shower door. I can say one remarkable sentence: Shower curtain is not only a partition of the bathroom but also a cultural symbol and personal ideas of daily life. Even if, you can get the same price from the shower door.


Do you really have enough time and experience to install and switch it often?


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