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The love story of "Marry Me"

Flaws in the "Marry Me" movie plot

marry me movies reviews

marry me movie review


Marry Me is an American musical romance film released in 2022, also known as Here mich - Casate Conmigo, directed by Kat Coiro and starring actors Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, and Chloe Coleman. The plot follows pop diva Kate and sexy DJ Tien who originally plan to perform their hit single "Marry Me" in concert and have a big wedding in front of millions of viewers worldwide, but Kate finds out her boyfriend is having an affair before going on stage The heartbroken woman picks a random fan to go on stage, not expecting it to a romantic love story unexpectedly unfolded.


Looking for real love in a colorful world



American singer Jennifer Lopez has been very successful in her music career and has been able to achieve good results with every album she has released, but she has also crossed over into the movie industry over the years and has been in many commercial productions with her global popularity. Therefore, after being nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2020 for her role as a stripper in "Hustlers", how will she perform in "Marry Me" this time? Will she be able to give a perfect interpretation of her role with her strong personal charm? It is believed that the fans are looking forward to it.


Jennifer Lopez in "Marry Me"


"Marry Me" film starring  Jennifer Lopez as the heroine Kate is a popular pop singer. She and the handsome DJ Tien is a super popular music duo. The relationship between the two has attracted much attention from the public. Now that the relationship is about to come to fruition, not only have they released their latest single "Marry Me" together with obvious intentions, but they are also expected to hold a live concert with a marriage ceremony witnessed by millions of people at the same time, which immediately triggered a sensation among fans worldwide when the news came out.



However, as the plot synopsis of "Marry Me" says the whole world was waiting for this concert. However, before it, the Internet began to spread the video of Kate's boyfriend, Tien, having an affair with his female assistant. Kate as a public figure, under the pressure of multiple attention, stood alone on the stage, originally to sing a new song. Kate was angry to invite the fan holding a "marry me" billboard to the stage and proposed to him in front of everyone.


The love story of "Marry Me"


marry movie reviews


Marry Me is played by Owen Wilson. The hero Charlie is an ordinary high school math teacher, divorced from his wife. He has a daughter in elementary school, and he has always focused his life on the students. This day at the invitation of his friends, he reluctantly brought his daughter to watch the "concert of the century", and on the so coincidentally, he received the billboard just from the hands of his friend. Charlie was invited by Kate who was betrayed by her boyfriend to go on stage and got married in front of the fans and all the audience in the world.


Adapted from the graphic novel of the same name, in the "Marry Me", the most interesting part of the movie is, in addition to the unexpected actions of both sides, in the impulse, Charlie and Kate, two strangers, who have never met before, accidentally are forced to start an "atypical marriage". They become a couple first before they start to know each other. The differences and unfamiliarity between them also bring interesting developments to the subsequent story of "Marry Me".


The interesting subject matter of "Marry Me"




As marriage is an irreversible fact, the two main characters of "Marry Me" have to go through with it no matter what, but the woman is an international superstar with a full schedule every day, while the man is a math teacher who stays at school every day. The pressure exerted by the eyes of the people under the attention of the outside world also brings many tests to this relationship that they can hardly face.



Marry Me follows the unbeatable formula of romantic comedies in the '90s, allowing two men and women with very different backgrounds to gradually get to know each other through a few interesting events, discovering the strengths of each other that they did not see. Finally, after many twists and turns, they cross the huge gap and achieve a happy and fulfilling love story. Chloe Coleman brings the audience a film that is suitable for viewing during the Valentine's Day season.


Flaws in the "Marry Me" movie plot


Although the story of "Marry Me" is very interesting, as a musical movie, with Jennifer Lopez on stage naturally exudes a strong aura, the whole movie is also quite brainwashing and beautiful pop songs sung by her, but this is the biggest selling point of "Marry Me" to attract the audience to arouse our interest in the story, but also the whole movie can not be ignored the major flaws.



Just like the plot design of the whole film, "Marry Me" in the clichéd and formulaic story development, not only as long as the audience simply watches the trailer. In the process of watching the film, audiences can easily predict all the subsequent plot directions. The whole film is a show belonging to Jennifer Lopez, even if the film has several singing and dancing scenes and the theme song "On My Way" is quite suitable for the content of the film, which fits the content of the film. We can feel the writer and director's intention, but less than the previous "Once again I would like to" kind of clever design for the proposal. The overall will still feel a little hollow.


The meaning of the ending of "Marry Me"


However, this does not mean that the movie "Marry Me" is so worthless. I like the writer-directors exploration of today's news media and social network culture through Kate's identity as a famous singer. Just like the two main characters in the film, the biggest problem they face is how to get real emotions in an era where many people's lives are focused on how many tracks have in their accounts, how many likes they can get on their posts, and how to find the value of our existence?



Perhaps "Marry Me" heroine Kate began to question the authenticity of love and partner loyalty after hearing the news of her fiancé's cheating, but when she was disappointed with the person she trusted, she also relied on what seemed to be an impulsive choice, but followed the true voice of her heart and found a marriage partner that she would not regret in the future. In the end, "Marry Me" actually tells us the answer to the above question through the final ending of the movie.


Conclusion of "Marry Me" Review


The reason why "Marry Me" is so well received is that the writer and director were able to make a change in this clichéd story, and the greatest value of it lies in the fact that it overturns the usual formula of this genre, where the prince saves the ordinary girl. There is almost no influence of gender in the whole movie. Kate, who seems to have everything, finds her real-life after meeting the school teacher, while Charlie comes out of the small world that he is immersed in after meeting the music diva, bringing more possibilities to life.




There is no doubt that "Marry Me" in the film of the musical diva Kate is Jennifer Lopez's tailor-made role. Although her performance is only "to do well", but also successfully brings the good effect in the "Marry Me".The movie is a love story in that the protagonist looks for a sense of belonging in the world. Meanwhile, there is a special feature that makes people's eyes light up because of music and dance.


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