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most wanted vintage postcards


Art is a distinctive way of expressing one’s feelings and emotions when we don’t have words and when it is difficult to enact the heart that is when the pencil takes pride in exploring the unexplored. Thankfully mankind has enough art and literature to draw inspiration from. A well-enacted story takes us to a world of imagination. A well-written verse brings the characters to live in front of eyes. A well-drawn picture digs in the inner feelings covered under the veil. Somewhere there lies an underlying connection between the world of art and humanity. Then why to restrict it to art galleries and literary workshops? Can’t we bring it to our lives, our homes and own them completely?  


This is the idea behind our providing various home décor products like curtains, bed sheets, and even CD cases. S.Lattye embraced this idea by encrypting fairy tales and funny stories to their products and give a personal touch to their works. To make living rooms, bathrooms and other important rooms of the house lively they give fine quality material like pure polyester to cater to the needs of customers.  They have made it a habit to deliver the products along with a surprise postcard inside it which shows a tell a tale fairy story thus getting emotionally connected to customers.


How can vintage cards be used for designing home products?


beautiful postcard design


The usage of vintage postcards with funny fairy tales is a new idea which draws a lot of attention from customers.  The whole idea is to surprise customers by delivering something extra, something that is not expected. The postcards ideas used are subject to copyrights and the company mentions it clear that they have been used only for the sake of pictures and descriptions. Some artists like Max Huang have given a modern look to bathrooms by adding their own ideas and by taking customers’ ideas into consideration. This has gone to the extent where we have hired artists in numbers of hundreds to meet the on-going demand of customers.


Who all can do it?


young artists


There is a need for Young artists in this field who can give creative ideas while designing home ideas.  The curtains, shower taps and water pipes everything is designing with picture perfect ideas.  For example, CD cases can be crafted with artistic designs which tell a short story.  To avoid any kind of copyright issues, one has to make sure that original art and original paints are used.  Upcoming to artists who have a distinctive approach to art and paint can do it with innovative ideas.


What type of products can be expected from us?


most wanted vintage postcards


We are great quality Shower curtain providers with thick absorption of water, scarfs used for damage from weather, DVD storages, rubs, and other household items. It is just not enough to draw designs, but it is equally important to take feedbacks and user experiences into mind. The cuts, angles and the materials should be carefully picked to ensure utmost satisfaction t customers.

The CD covers with lovely animal pictures and other fables are a sure surprise to customers.  It attracts the eyes in a jiffy and in no time you are tempted to read the story, though some are detailed in our postcards.

Out of love for art, I take pride in announcing that most wanted vintage postcards are being delivered along with the respective orders to customers and also taken up for designing with a vast team of profound knowledge in the art.


Why design postcards?


postcard graphic design


Postcards have a great appeal in depicting a story. Especially for children who want to read and learn always new Chinese literature has the best variety to offer.  The original artwork by famous artists is depicted in our paintings to amuse art lovers. As discussed earlier, Art has a distinctive language and postcards are the best choice to express them and Chinese fairy tales can be of great help in this regard.  Of course, all of us loved story listening in childhood. The idea of sending postcards along with customers’ products comes from the same.  Every postcard has two unique stories to it- one from fairy tales and other from a person’s personal story. This way hundreds of designers have also been able to find art lovers who could appreciate their work.


Artists’ vision of the real world:


It is a tendency found in artists to see the worldly problems through art and find solutions in the same.  Chinese fairy tales and fables have interesting characters and hidden life values in them.  While providing the necessary entertainment they also teach right and wrong, good and bad in seemingly effortless storytelling. They include stories of gods, stories of ghosts, excellent and eccentric characters whom we encounter in everyday life. Through these characters a person’s character is built, the approach towards life changes, positive attitude blossoms. Haw!! What an outstanding way of life preparation!!

Those who believe that Art is life are not confined to four walls. Famous painters like Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and others took eagle’s eye in every problem of the society and sketched them in their paintings.  Do we still have to be in the notion that the art world is different? To understand it is difficult for a common man but a trial is definitely worth it. Kudos to all the master brains behind that art.


The idea of our products:


Though our main motto is to build household products there are hidden intrinsic values which value life, not just the appearance. While serving the customers the best, we also wish to offer the taste of native art and paints, princess tales and what it takes to take up original artwork. So this is our small attempt to live up to contemporary lifestyles while bringing back life to our age-old traditions.

In a nutshell, the whole idea of integrating art with household products is a welcome step. While giving intrinsic values to products adds life to them, bringing back art to them is life itself.


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