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Don't eat what you can't eat What's a good review of ropes?

The horror story of ropes Themes in the plot of ropes

“ropes” is a Spanish horror thriller film released in 2020, directed by José Luis Montesinos and starring actors Paula del Río and Miguel ngel Jenner, the plot is about a young girl Elena who is not only losing her sister after a serious car accident but also becomes quadriplegic and wheelchair-bound. She is sent to the countryside to recuperate and live with her father and her sheepdog, Athos, but unbeknownst to her, the originally well-trained Athos changes his temperament overnight for unknown reasons and becomes the most horrific nightmare of his closest friend.


Don't eat what you can't eat


I enjoy watching horror thrillers like "ropes" not only for the atmosphere of the movie but also for the characters, from their backgrounds, the insurmountable difficulties, and crises they encounter to the methods they use to overcome them. The film is a great test of the writer-directors personal ability.

ropes movie review

What's a good review of ropes?


The story of "ropes" focuses on a girl with limited mobility, Elena, after her father, who originally took care of her, had a heart attack and had to face a rabid dog alone, from a good dog to a rabid dog experienced a horrible time, although the film is very small, basically only in a double house, but through the director's precise scheduling arrangements, can make me feel the Montesinos he is a fan of the past 70s, 80s kind of limited resources, to make a full play of the classic horror tale of enthusiasm and love of attractive subject matter.

In the film, a girl in a wheelchair with no ability to fight back runs into a crazy smart sheepdog and must drag her body everywhere because of mobility limitations to escape its sharp teeth, which reminds me of Stephen Edwin King's novel adaptation about a paralyzed novelist who fights with a crazy female bibliophile. Ten Days in Danger", and from the boy's fantasy out of the classic animal horror "Rabid Dog Horror", the combination of the two succeeded in bringing the audience a stream of film events that may also happen to our real fear.

 ropes movie review

The horror story of ropes


However, in "ropes", a film that has a considerable degree of watchability in its subject matter alone, the director also wisely devotes much of the story to the depiction of the character's state of mind, from the estranged father-daughter relationship in the broken family at the beginning of the film, where a father who had made a mistake tries to regain his daughter's approval in the limited time he has, to the dog's accident, where the death of the mother years ago and the trauma caused by the previous car accident on Elena are used as the basis for the film. Lina caused by the heavy trauma as the core of the film, whether it is the physical paralysis of limbs or the lingering guilt and guilt inside, all give this horror film a pretty good, and even make people feel heartbroken and sad content core.


I like "ropes" in addition to the threat of rabid dogs, but also through the internal dilemma of the heroine suffering from depression, Elena, in addition to adding ghosts and ghosts and wishing in a dry well and other fantasy elements of the design, not only to the film whether there are ghosts? Is there any mysterious power behind all this? This atmosphere full of unknown mystery brings another level of horror to the audience, and more cleverly creates a direct connection with the story itself, allowing us to gradually piece together Elena's past from these events and understand the root cause of her inner shadow formation.

ropes movie review

Themes in the plot of ropes


In the end, even "ropes", a thriller film with animal horror as its theme, actually has the theme of reconciliation and redemption in difficult situations. The "ropes" plot itself shows the heart of the past wounds and reflects on the attitude of this time to the father who still cared for her until his death.

Perhaps compared to the overall story content, "ropes" ultimately with the dog's ending to close a little weak, but as the protagonist said: "There are two kinds of tragedy in life, one is a wish can not be achieved, and the other is a wish has been achieved." Therefore, after committing a mistake, or facing a seemingly insoluble dilemma, the most important thing is to have the courage to face the immature self in the past, to fight against the wish that was made, and to believe that you can overcome it, which is the theme that "ropes" movie ultimately wants to convey.

ropes movie review