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When the trust between people collapses The mysterious legend of the ghost ship

Was there a ghost on the ship? The low rating has its value

“Mary" is an American horror-thriller film released in 2019, directed by Michael Goi and starring Gary Oldman, Emily Mortimer, and Stefanie Scott, the plot tells the story of a father who struggles to make ends meet and buys an old ship called the "Mary" at an auction, hoping to relaunch his charter business. He hopes to relaunch his charter business and is excited to take his wife and two daughters on a cruise, but at first glance the joy of family travel, but because of the hidden evil forces on board, it becomes a terrible nightmare that they can not linger.


When the trust between people collapses


All along, the most important thing in horror films is the choice of movie themes, whether through the story itself, the background of the times, or the characters in the environment some eerie perverse appearance, are brought to the audience seems to have something unpredictable approaching, and then feel scared of the suspenseful atmosphere. Like many spaces, cave and secret room disaster movies almost all focus on the oppressive despair, the film "Mary" also through a small ship on the vast ocean, to create a claustrophobic fear of nowhere to run, isolated, and can only stay where they are at the mercy of others.

 Mary movie review

The mysterious legend of the ghost ship


Director and cinematographer, four-time Emmy Award and American Society of Cinematographers nominee director Michael Goi, from the past horror film "American Horror Story" to this year's "Mary", we seem to be able to see that he is the scary level of the shape, although far from the "Hollywood ghost king" we are familiar with James Wan produced by the film works, there is no denying that in the scene shaping and the use of a small element or a certain level.


Perhaps it is a bit convention, but I like the design of the movie to let the evil spirits attached to the ship, because the ghost ship drifting at sea and the mysterious disappearance of people in the Bermuda Triangle is itself an unexplained phenomenon, so the "Mary" was found in 1872 a ship in good condition, but the crew and lifeboats are strange disappearance of the two-masted sailing ship - Mary Celeste as the prototype of the story, known as the world's top ten ghost ships of the mysterious ghost ship, presenting no matter how much speculation or inference we have done afterward, but the truth of the incident is ultimately only clear to the missing crew, we can never check and give a 100% correct answer to the situation.

 Mary movie review

Was there a ghost on the ship?


This kind of story is actually quite fascinating, not to mention the ghost ship incident in the past when communication equipment was not yet widespread, even in the modern era of advanced technology, when the ship sailed out of the port, the face of the ocean full of unknown things, who knows originally thought they could do anything, we will not suddenly for some reason lose all the ability to grasp the direction and heading, and the "Mary" will be the starting point for the story through the wife of the "successful survivor" who describes in detail the events of the case, to make the story itself is full of mystery and a layer of more indistinguishable mystery.


The director cleverly added the invisible wound of betrayal between the husband and wife in "Mary", the oppression of the real economy, plus several small quarrels between them, and the record of the strange disappearance of the past owner of the "Mary", all of which make the movie, without knowing whether there is a ghost or not, give the wife a motive to kill her husband and to cover up her crime by I think this is another very interesting aspect of "Mary" in addition to the thrill.

Mary movie review

The low rating has its value


Perhaps many viewers will feel very disappointed after watching "Mary", but personally, I may have lowered my expectations and do not feel that "Mary" is a big bad movie, but I am glad that there are many praiseworthy parts of the movie, watching the parents worrying about their daughters' safety and constantly trying to protect them, together with the creaking of the wooden cabin when the characters are walking or sailing. Sound, all make a horror film originally relied on sudden scares, but also has the ability to make the audience feel nervous and scared atmosphere shaping.


In the end, whether the Mary is really haunted or the wife is a self-guided one, no matter how "Mary" has added another unsolved mystery to the story of the ghost ship, what really happened in the endless sea, just like the unpredictable human heart, there will always be many unknown possibilities.

Mary movie review