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Liam Neeson's ice road rescue

Is The“ Ice Road” to the good?

The strongest dad's ice rescue operation

 The Ice road movie review

With the rescue of his daughter from the hands of kidnappers "Hurricane Rescue" known to fans as the "strongest dad on earth" Liam Neeson, although in recent years began to try drama films, "True Love", "Made in Italy" to show his acting strength, but still undeniable "rescue "series of action movies is his old business fact. Therefore, this time "The Ice Road Rescue" also allows him to fight for his life on the gradually melting "ice road", bringing the audience a thrilling experience.


The background of "The Ice Road " story


In the cold north of the United States, many truck drivers carrying cargo must cross frozen rivers or lakes in winter via easy roads built on the ice. But faced with sometimes less than 30 inches of ice, they drive more than 65,000 pounds of trucks and cargo, but also make this "ice road" become dangerous and deadly, and many people called it a go-no-return suicide mission.

The story of "The Ice Road Rescue" begins in a diamond mine in Manitoba, northern Canada, in the process of exploration and mining, because the person did not notice the monitoring of methane concentration of the instrument malfunctioned, triggering an air explosion accident led to the collapse of the cave, not only caused several deaths and injuries, 26 miners were also trapped in it. And to free them and avoid another explosion accident, the only way is to transport the natural gas shaft and pipes weighing more than 30 tons to the site as soon as possible.


Liam Neeson's ice road rescue


And Liam Neeson in "The Ice Road " played by the protagonist Mike is a truck driver, to protect his brother Gurty suffering from aphasia and colleagues fight, resulting in the two of them being fired from the company, not only lost to maintain the livelihood of the necessary work, but the brothers also suffered a blow. At this time they received notice of an explosion in the northern mines, seeking experienced and willing to take risks truck drivers, "Ice Road " this dangerous task also naturally handed to them.

 The Ice road movie review

So Mike and Gurty brothers followed Goldenrod, the owner of the trucking company, Tantoo, a Cree girl who was dissatisfied with the government's neglect of minority rights, and Varnay, the insurance commissioner hired by the mining company, and the five of them drove three trucks full of goods via the "ice road" to the diamond mines in the north. The five of them drive three trucks loaded with goods via the "Ice Road" to the diamond mines in the north, for those trapped in the caves of the miners, to carry out the "Ice Road Rescue" they must risk their lives to carry out the difficult challenge.


Is The Ice Road to the  good?

 The Ice road movie review

I have to say, driving a truck on the ice is not a simple thing, just the speed of the car is a discipline, too fast if the car will make the ice resonance-like waves, and driving too slow will make the ice in a short time to bear too much weight of the truck and cargo, and this all needs to rely on the driver's seat in front of the big head doll to judge. So even though "The Ice Road " these drivers are rich inexperience, but it was April, in the rising temperatures and sunlight, so the original solid ice has begun to melt under, or inevitably there will be accidents.


I like the design of "The Ice Road " to constantly shoot from the perspective of the lake upwards, with the low sound of the truck driving past to bring out the fragility of the ice, and to create a sense of high—pressure tension for the whole film. Therefore, with the boss Goldenrod driving the truck broke down in the middle of the road, resulting in the ice can not load the pressure exerted by the wheels at a single point and broke, not only let one of the trucks sink in the water instantly, but also made the crowd into the crisis of the whole.


The strongest dad of "Ice Road


Through the rescue team led by Liam Neeson, "The Ice Road " provides the audience with a different perspective, not only the desperation felt by the miners trapped in the cave, whose lives are running out little by little with time, but also the truck drivers who are willing to deliver the rescue equipment and risk their lives to accept the commission for their different reasons. Rescue" is a richer and more diverse exploration.


Watching the thrilling process of "The Ice Road " and its members fleeing for their lives on the gradually breaking ice, I thought Liam Neeson would finally stop fighting with his fists and solve the crisis with wisdom, experience, technology, and emotion for his brother, but I never thought that as the plot progressed, from the avalanche and truck chase in the middle to the close combat on the frozen lake at the end, "Ice Road Rescue" is still a film that tells The villain must not hurt Liam Neeson's family and the tender woman's "strongest dad" movie.


The theme of "the Ice Road" plot


In the end, "the Ice Road" is not a simple disaster film like "Tunnel to the Rescue", in fact, more than the surface of the natural disasters that can not be prevented in advance, like the truck driver before the departure of the employment contract, the mine insurance commissioner to accompany the miners trapped in the cave to try to find out the cause of the accident, "The Ice Road " instead put more space on the description of labor disputes and corporate for their interests of the human "The Ice Road " instead devotes more time to describing the disputes between labor and management and the conspiracy of man-made disasters caused by companies for their interests.

 The Ice road movie review

I have to say, "The Ice Road" to disaster to package this work is indeed a smart choice, in addition to the star Liam Neeson full play that well-known tough-guy image, and through the brotherhood to show that he is an action star still can convince the audience of acting strength, which is more important, or through the film's villain to bring out the whole story behind, as Taylor Sheridan's The "American Frontier Trilogy" presents the issues that need to be focused on in the form of commercial films.


The meaning of the ending of "the Ice Road

Whether it is Gurty, the brother who was wounded in the war but was bullied upon his return, Tantoo, the heroine who is a minority "Cree" who is always neglected, or the laborers who work in the remote areas of diamond mining, or the truck who is sent to the edge of the world to make a living and risk driving on the "ice road" during the season when the ice is becoming fragile The ending of "The Ice Road Rescue" focuses the story on these special characters, and through the dangers they face and the helplessness in their hearts, it reflects the inadequacies of the society that still needs to be changed.


Conclusion of "The Ice Road" Review


On the whole, "The Ice Road" is a fairly competent commercial film, not only in the face of unfathomable nature with thrilling action scenes, as a Liam Neeson film is not sloppy, with a large enterprise for their interests in disregard of the rights of employees conspiracy, let him play a rescue scene against the evil villain. The process of watching "The Ice Road " movie will give us a deeper understanding of the form of life of people in the north, and will also change the view of truck drivers, full of respect for this profession, somehow all quite worthy of our recognition.